‘Mark Henry and Booker T Revolutionized the Wrestling Arena’

‘Mark Henry and Booker T Revolutionized the Wrestling Arena’
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In a recent episode of the “Bootleg Kev” podcast, a notable figure in the wrestling industry, Swerve Strickland, paid tribute to the pioneering work of two legends, Booker T and Mark Henry.

With conviction, he stated, “He [Henry] sort of disrupted the traditional way of things, he was just purely an athlete. He’s a powerful man. But, like Mark and Booker, acting under his King Booker persona, they, during the mid-2000s to early 2000s, manage to revolutionize the norm for that specific time, they were just highly competent, they were excellent athletes.”

Strickland further expounded, “Booker was just so comically exaggerated, a larger-than-life character; he embodied the over-the-top grandiosity of it all. When Mark Henry — his performances within the ring made him appear larger than life. So, these guys found a new approach, breaking away from the usual and perceived norms.”

In their illustrious careers, both Booker T and Mark Henry have adorned the belt of World Champions. Booker T’s accolades include holding the prestigious WCW World Title on five separate occasions and the esteemed WWE World Heavyweight Championship once.

Mark Henry bagged the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in 2011 during his popular ‘Hall of Pain’ stint and aimed for the WWE Championship in 2013.

Swerve Strickland himself holds a significant title. As AEW’s maiden Black World Champion, he clinched the honor at AEW Dynasty 2024. He’s slated to defend his title against Will Ospreay at the AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door later this month.
Check out the embedded video for his detailed views on being the AEW champion, his decision to leave WWE, Vince McMahon, Tony Khan & the wrestling business.

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