Mark Briscoe’s Belief in Jay Briscoe’s Observance of Every Match and Promo

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Jay Briscoe (Jamin Pugh) passed away earlier this year after being involved in a car accident. Briscoe and the other driver, 27-year-old Lillyanne Ternahan, were pronounced dead at the scene after a head-on collision. Jay wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, but his kids were.

Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Mark discussed how he is still adjusting to life without his brother. 


“There are reminders of him everywhere, but it’s the random ones that hit me hardest. You know what’s been the toughest? The drive to the airport. At first I didn’t think about it. Then 45 minutes into the drive, I’d be balling. I’m getting used to it. It’s like our new normal. But when something catches me off guard, that’s when it hits me,” Mark said.

“It feels like he’s still with us in spirit and in our hearts. We’ve all bonded together. In a strange way, tragedy comes with beauty. I pick up his kids for school every morning. When we’re all together, it makes my heart feel so good.”

Mark feels like his brother is watching every promo and match in AEW/ROH.

“I know exactly, after every match, what he’d say to me. Jay wanted me to be the best. The way he’d critique me, I still hear that voice in my head. Sometimes, my rebellious nature would show in our sibling rivalry–if he said I should do something one way, then I’d say no, I’m going to do it this way. So my mindset has changed there. He was pretty much always right. It’s been 22 years straight of wrestling. Me and him. Always me and him. I like to think he’s still watching every single match and every single promo. It’s a crazy journey, man.”

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The wrestling world was rocked earlier this year with the tragic passing of Jay Briscoe, also known as Jamin Pugh. Jay and another driver, Lillyanne Ternahan, were involved in a fatal car accident that resulted in both of their deaths. While Jay’s children were wearing seatbelts and survived the accident, Jay himself was not wearing one.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Jay’s brother Mark Briscoe opened up about the difficulties he has faced in adjusting to life without his brother. Mark revealed that reminders of Jay are everywhere, but it’s the random ones that hit him the hardest. One particular challenge for Mark has been the drive to the airport. Initially, he didn’t think much about it, but after around 45 minutes into the drive, he would break down emotionally. However, Mark mentioned that he is gradually getting used to this new normal, although unexpected moments still deeply affect him.

Despite the immense loss, Mark believes that Jay’s spirit and presence are still with them. The family has bonded together, finding strength and comfort in each other. Mark shared that he now picks up Jay’s children for school every morning, and being together as a family brings joy to his heart.

Mark also expressed his belief that Jay is watching every promo and match in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and Ring of Honor (ROH), the promotions they were both a part of. He stated that he knows exactly what Jay would say to him after every match and can still hear his voice critiquing him. Mark admitted that in the past, he would sometimes rebel against Jay’s advice in their sibling rivalry, but now he realizes that Jay was usually right. Wrestling has been a constant journey for the brothers for 22 years, and Mark likes to think that Jay is still watching and supporting him from above.

The loss of Jay Briscoe has undoubtedly left a void in the wrestling community, but his memory and impact continue to live on. Fans can stay updated with all the latest wrestling news on or follow the website’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

In conclusion, the passing of Jay Briscoe has been a heartbreaking event for his family, friends, and fans. Mark Briscoe’s interview sheds light on the challenges of coping with such a loss and finding strength in the midst of grief. Jay’s legacy will forever be remembered in the wrestling world, and his spirit will continue to inspire those who knew and loved him.