Mark Briscoe Recalls What WWE Said About Not Hiring The Briscoes

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Mark Briscoe spoke about a wide range of topics while doing an interview with Talk is Jericho (via Fightful) including The Briscoes having a tryout with WWE where they were told they weren’t ‘cosmetically pleasing enough’ for them.

Mark and Jay had a tryout in FCW (WWE’s developmental territory at the time) although they were never hired by the company. 


When we went down for the WWE tryout at FCW, that’s when one of the trainers or coaches was like, ‘This is what I’m seeing. [Jay], you’re super real cool. [Mark], you’re real crazy. That’s the dynamic you got going here.’ Then, we just naturally, as we progressed, and we were physically not who we were at 18, 19, 20, 21, but mentally and in the mindset aspect, we were well advanced of who we used to be. I used to be so timid. You watch old Briscoe Brothers, I’m so timid and so afraid to cut loose. As soon as I figured it out, ‘Wow, this is way easier than I thought it was.’ You don’t have to do quadruple springboard 450s. Just go out there, make a face, do a little head-wagging. Make some sound effects. Before we left, everybody said, ‘They really like you, we think they’re going to bring you guys on.’ I guess it was a week or two after we got home, we were waiting to hear back. John Laurinaitis called and said, ‘We really liked your stuff, but I think we’re going to pass for right now. Let us know if you guys want another try.’ That kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I guess, when he talked to Jay, he said, ‘You know what he told me? He said we’re not cosmetically pleasing enough.’ ‘What? That’s cold man. I’m too ugly. Dagone.’ That was our conversation. Like, what the hell. If that’s really how they feel, that’s not what we want to do anyway. If we have to be prim, pretty, and proper and maybe we get a job with WWE, that’s not what we’re looking for.

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