Maria Kanellis-Bennett mentions, ‘There’s an abnormal growth in my adrenal gland.’

Maria Kanellis-Bennett mentions, ‘There’s an abnormal growth in my adrenal gland.’
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Maria Kanellis-Bennett, an esteemed manager at ROH, shared on Twitter that a mass has been detected on her adrenal gland by medical professionals.

Six months earlier, she started noticing some unusual symptoms which prompted her to get her adrenal glands evaluated, in addition to undergoing blood tests to scrutinize hormone levels. The discovery of the mass was the result of yet another examination conducted recently.

At the moment, the doctors treaing Kanellis-Bennett have not confirmed whether the mass is malignant. She penned down a series of tweets describing her journey.

Within her tweets she remarked, “So fun story… 6 months ago I asked to get my adrenal glands checked and blood work done to check hormone levels because of symptoms I had been having. Insurance would not approve the tests. Fast forward today, I had a CT with contrast to check a mass that was found accidentally during another test, that is either on my kidney or adrenal gland. Moral of the story… listen to your body.”

She added, “So here is the update. Yes it is a mass on my adrenal gland. Next step is meeting with an endocrinologist surgeon. It’s inconclusive at this point, if it is cancer. In other news, I ate French fries and a concrete mixer and I feel a little better.”

Our hearts go out to Kanellis-Bennett and we wish her the best during this challenging time.

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