Maria Kanellis-Bennett Is Leading The Experience In Her Return To ROH

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Maria Kanellis-Bennett Is Leading The Experience In Her Return To ROH

Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Ring of Honor has announced that Maria Kanellis-Bennett has returned to the promotion. But for now, she won’t be in the ring, and she won’t be managing her husband, Mike Bennett. Instead, she’ll be leading the way for The Experience, a new initiative the company introduced on Sunday. The Experience is a private Facebook group that ROH fans can join. Here’s the official announcement from Ring of Honor’s official website:

“Ring of Honor has always strived to give the best wrestling fans on the planet what they want. Now the fans will have an open forum to tell us directly what they want.

In January, ROH takes The Experience to the next level of fan engagement by empowering the members of Honor Nation to make their voices heard.

The Experience is not a singular event. It’s a movement.

Fans are encouraged to join the ROH The Experience Facebook group to share their thoughts and opinions about all things ROH.

Which outside talents do you want to see in ROH? Which ROH stars should be getting title shots? What match stipulations do you want to see?

ROH wants you to #ChooseYourHonor.

Maria Kanellis Bennett is leading the charge for The Experience. She made the announcement about the groundbreaking concept on ROH’s social media platforms.

‘Ring of Honor has cultivated an environment where the wrestlers and the fans are the experience,” Kanellis Bennett said. “I want wrestlers to thrive and I want to give you the fans what you truly desire.

‘I want Ring of Honor to be yours. No … I want Ring of Honor to be ours.’”

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