Mandy Rose Talks Outside Ventures, What She Attributes Her Success To

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Mandy Rose Talks Outside Ventures, What She Attributes Her Success To

Mandy Rose

Photo Credit: WrestleZone

WWE superstar Mandy Rose recently spoke to Entrepreneur magazine about her career, where she discussed how she got into WWE, what her outside ventures in the world of business are, and what she attributes her successes too.

Check out some of the highlights below:

On how she got into WWE:

When I was crowned the 2014 WBFF Bikini World Champion, that helped in getting some attention. I had a small supplement sponsorship and a decent social media following, which I ran all myself. It was soon after that I received a call from a WWE recruiter, who asked if I would be interested in trying out for their reality show, Tough Enough. At that moment, I knew I could become a WWE superstar, but I was a little skeptical about getting there through a reality competition. After I was picked for the show, we filmed for about 10 weeks and I made it to the finals, but I came up short. However, that same night I was offered a WWE contract and a spot on their really series, Total Divas, on E! which was such an amazing opportunity for me.

On her outside business ventures:

Sonya and I started a business called DaMandyz Donutz, which first started as a YouTube series where we travel around the world trying the best glazed donuts and rating them. We now have our own website where we sell clothing and merchandise, calendars, etc. Eventually, our main goal is to open a brick and mortar. I also have a fitness app called FitWithMandy available on the APP store that is designed for all demographics, ages and skill levels.

On what she attributes her successes to:

A lot of it came from my youth, growing up with three older brothers, working three different jobs at the same time, having goals and working hard to achieve them, and most importantly learning to be independent. When I worked at my father’s deli in Carmel, New York when I was young, my experience waiting on customers and interacting with people all day taught me so many social skills and helped me open up. I was able to chat with different people from different backgrounds, and it shed a new light for me in the sense of being more personable and sociable, which is super relatable in everyday life.

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