Mandy Rose On WWE & Her Website: Why Can’t I Do Both?

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Former WWE Superstar Mandy Rose has actually questioned why she wasn’t enabled to run her site and be a wrestler for the promo at the very same time.

Rose was launched by WWE in December 2022 after NXT higher-ups found out of the specific material shared on her website.

While speaking with New York Post, the Toxic Attraction alum questioned the choice.

“I am grateful and really humbled with whatever I’ve done and made at the business [WWE], however in today’s day and age, there are a lot of other opportunities therefore numerous other marketing chances. It’s like, why can’t I do both? At the end of the day, I’m the just one keeping an eye out for myself and my profession. Everybody’s exchangeable in our service, it’s real.”

Rose likewise questioned what considered an image or video ‘too racy’ in the eyes of those running NXT.

“What’s the meaning of racy? The image of me with 2 titles– I was entirely naked below, that’s thought about a racy image, right?”

Rose is presently serving a non-compete provision with WWE and made over $1 million in December 2022 from her site.

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