Mandy Rose On How Bikini Contests Led To Her WWE Career

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Mandy Rose On How Bikini Contests Led To Her WWE Career

Corey Graves’ burgeoning podcasting career reaches another level as he brings in “God’s Greatest Creation” for a talk about bikini contests, fitness, and Tough Enough. Mandy Rose chatted with Graves about her life before WWE and how she stumbled into becoming a modeling champion and her love of staying in shape. After going with a friend to a fitness coach, she discovered a love of fitness that led to her bikini contest victories.

My coach right away was like “You need to do a show.”… I end up doing it and I placed first. I did my thing, had good presence on stage, they liked what they saw, and I placed first. From then on, I fell in love with fitness and sought out sponsorships.

Mandy continues with talk about developing a following on Instagram and getting called into Tough Enough. She moved from her parents’ house to Orlando and never looked back, saying that she had an advantage over her fellow trainees in the segment where she had to get into a bikini and cut a promo in front of executives. Sometimes, life just works out that way.

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