Mandy Rose Crashes Sonya Deville’s Interview With Maria Menounos

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Mandy Rose Crashes Sonya Deville’s Interview With Maria Menounos

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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

With Pride Month coming to a close yesterday, Maria Menounos reached out to WWE’s Sonya Deville on her Better Together webshow to have a chat about being a gay wrestler and her broken friendship with Mandy Rose. Sonya chatted about how she came out of the closet on National TV when Triple H asked her the simple question of whether she was in a relationship.

“OK, do I lie, and my girlfriend will kill me because I”m now saying I”m single on a Reality TV show, or do I tell the truth, and now the entire world knows I’m gay? And out her, because she wasn’t even out to her parents. Nobody.” I just told the truth, and was like, “yeah, I have a girlfriend.” And I kind of, like, smiled. And Triple H was like, did you just come out on National Television? And I was like, “yeah, I think did.”

On the subject of Fire and Desire, Sonya confirmed that there was no future in the pairing for a multitude of reasons.

The only thing that’s been important to Mandy and Me throughout this entire thing is that we keep it authentic. We make it something that the fans- whether they love Mandy or hate Mandy, they love me or hate me – we don’t care. We just want them to feel something. I think at the end of the day, that’s what most performers want. I’m saying my truth, Mandy’s saying her truth, and we’re both completely entitled to do so, and it’s up to you guys whose truth you side with! Love me or hate me, I think it’s one of the most genuine storylines WWE has done in a long time. It’s super rewarding

Following that, about 41 minutes into the program, Mandy calls into the program to call out Sonya, albeit behind a faked accent. Sonya laughed it off, calling her former partner “embarrassing”. You can see the full interaction and the rest of the program embedded below:

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Thank you to Better Together for providing transcriptions of the program