Malakai Black Teases Plans For The House of Black Stable: A House Needs People In It

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Malakai Black Teases Plans For The House of Black Stable: A House Needs People In It

malakai black

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

For the most part, Malakai Black has worked by himself during his AEW career, but fans continue to wonder whether he’ll establish the House of Black stable, which he has teased in the past.

During a recent appearance on Giant FM Real Radio, Black made it clear that he wants to built this “house”, and he has plans for it, but there’s a right time for everything. He also expressed his hope that “some faces” will arrive when that time comes.

“Is there plans for it? Absolutely,” said Black. “Can you expect it? I don’t know. That’s not a decision that I can completely make. Is that something I want? Absolutely. I think that the idea of the House of Black is obviously, when you say a house, it needs multiple people. A house isn’t a house until people live in it. You know what I mean? So there’s definitely an idea that I have, more so than I’ve revealed, even to Tony, with the House of Black.

“But like I said, in due time. Everything comes in steps, we don’t want to rush anything. At least I don’t want to rush anything. Everything goes slowly for me, everything takes its time, everything’s methodical. When the time is right, you’ll hopefully see some faces appear.”

Throughout his journey in AEW up to this point, Black has been engaged in a heated feud with Cody Rhodes and, by extension, The Nightmare Family. When asked about the future of this rivalry, Black described how he’s “bound” to Rhodes, and no matter what happens next, they’ll clash at different points moving forward. Black also noted that he has both held his own with Rhodes and even managed to “get ahead of him.”

“I think that my state within AEW is bound to him, and I think we will weave in and out, inevitably clashing time and time again,” said Black. “He’s definitely one of the guys that has challenged me the most in my career, like in the ring, he brings out the absolute worst and best in me, if you understand what I’m saying. He is an incredibly cunning and skillful wrestler, and he’s dangerous. He has a great mind, which is also very dangerous for me.

“But the thing is like I’ve been able to be up to par with him, and even maybe a little bit more than up to par with him. I think I’ve been able to get ahead of him a couple times. But nonetheless, like I think there will always be plans [for our feud], but they’re not a spoken plan. Me and Cody will inevitably clash in and out.”

For now, fans will just have to wait and see what the future holds for Black, his potential stable and his war with Rhodes.

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