Malakai Black: I’ll Always Be ‘Intertwined’ With Buddy Matthews, But He Might Not Join The House Of Black

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Malakai Black: I’ll Always Be ‘Intertwined’ With Buddy Matthews, But He Might Not Join The House Of Black

malakai black

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Malakai Black has been a lone wolf for the opening stretch of his run in AEW, but fans continue to speculate about how he could potentially build a House of Black stable. He recently teased his plans for it by saying that “a house isn’t a house until people live in it.” As a result, the wrestling world continues to wonder who could potentially join him in this house.

In a new interview with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT, when asked whether his former rival in WWE, Buddy Matthews is on his radar, Black shared his belief that, due to their past series of matches, they’ll always be tied together. He hinted that he can “never escape” the man once known as Murphy, and he noted that they could meet again outside of an AEW ring.

“There’s always thoughts, ideas and plans that I have,” said Black. “I think for the majority of my career now, that is still to come, I think Buddy and me are going to be intertwined no matter what. Whether that’s on television, independents; I can never escape him fully because what we did there [WWE] had an impact on the status quo.”

Black spoke highly of their matches in WWE by stating that he felt like they did something “good” after Vince McMahon himself told them to run it back. Looking ahead, he added a twist to the idea that Mathews could join him in the House of Black by arguing that they’re better as rivals, though anything can happen in the future.

“For House of Black, there’s always things I’m thinking about,” said Black. “But I don’t know if Buddy would be a guy that would be in it as opposed to a guy who would be against it. I don’t know how he feels about the House of Black thing, I don’t know. But again, I think we’re better rivals than allies but who knows what the future holds.”

Otherwise, Black named Abadon, Brody King The Butcher and The Blade as potential members of the House of Black. He noted that King, with whom he holds the PWG Tag Team Championship, is figuring out what’s next because Ring of Honor won’t be renewing the contracts of its roster at the end of the year.

“[Abadon] would be someone who would fit greatly. She could use something like to really establish herself, using it as a foundation to put her roots in the ground and start growing. She’d have a solid spot and franchise out. The Butcher and The Blade would fit.

“On a different level, Brody King would fit. Obviously he’s one of my best friends but from a wrestling perspective, he has a certain aesthetic that would match.”

For now, Black will seemingly continue to operate by himself, and fans will have to wait and see what the future holds for the House of Black.

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