Madusa Wants A Shot At ‘The Prophet’ Deonna Purrazzo, Says ‘I Got A Squash Match For You’

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Madusa Wants A Shot At ‘The Prophet’ Deonna Purrazzo, Says ‘I Got A Squash Match For You’

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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Madusa wants a shot at Deonna Purrazzo, but it might not go down like the self-proclaimed ‘prophet’ thinks it would.

Shortly after beating Havok at Under Siege, Deonna Purrazzo cut a backstage promo, proudly proclaiming she should be called a prophet from now on because she continues to deliver on her promises. In addition, she asked for more competition from “any generation” because she continues to roll through the current Knockouts roster.

“Forget Virtuosa, they should call me the Prophet because I do everything I say I’m going to do. Become the Knockouts Champion, be the best technical women’s wrestler in the world, and break Havok’s arm. I promised her at Under Siege that’s exactly what I was going to do—I was going to step in the ring and be a fighting champion, that’s what she wanted me to be, and look where she ended up. With a broken arm.

“Forget Havok, I want to know what’s next. I’ve been begging for competition and there’s barely any Knockouts left. Any competitor, from any company, from any generation—line them up. I want the Knockouts Championship to be the most coveted championship in the world, and I promise you there is no better ring bearer for this Knockouts Championship than the Virtuosa. Long may she reign.”

Madusa responded to the challenge with the following on Twitter, taking a dig at Purrazzo’s Italian heritage before claiming she wanted a crack at the title herself:

The Prophet? Virtuosa?
“Cafone” is a bit more apropos.
Listen Virginia Hill… keep your precious Bugsy in the background, step up and fight
You want Any generation? Any championship? I got a Squash match for you.

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EXCLUSIVE: @DeonnaPurrazzo thinks she should be called the prophet because she does everything she says she will. #UnderSiege


In a recent interview with WrestleZone, Purrazzo talked about her character’s growth and how she aims to be someone that can compete with women of any generation, and her work with Jazz and ODB allowed her to explore that a bit more.

“I watched women like Jazz growing up and seeing that they were pushing for women’s wrestling to be more, that is why my dream was to help further that [mission] and to push the envelope for women’s wrestling, to allow it to become what it is today and that’s for it to be respected. So, to be in the ring with her, to be able to share the ring with someone like ODB, like that’s a little girl’s dream come true. So, it was super special for me on a personal level, but then as a character, I think that I’m getting away from being ‘The Virtuosa’ and I’m finding new layers to who the greatest women’s wrestler is and that’s someone that can defeat anyone from any generation, any era,” Purrazzo explained, “and so I think defeating Jazz and defeating ODB has kind of let me tap into that a little bit more.”

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