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In this episode of On Your Trace the champ sits down with WWE Corridor of Famer Madusa!!!


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That is one more fascinating wrestling match!! girls and gents my name is designate outrageous 15 plus years undefeated yard wrestling leisure champion and here we are again with one more episode of for your designate and i comprise below no circumstances been this .

Appealing my total lifestyles because we've obtained a wwe corridor of famer here within the yard um and she is one among the she's a trailblazer uh she's a ass kicking machine mrs medusa blaze all americans thanks that changed into a big intro are you all real i'm moderately okay .

I'm moderately something i'm moderately i'm moderately dizzy to be moderately dusky yeah i figured i don't know if your um folks told you but certain we shoot this on uh in uh yard wrestling uh headquarters in narrate that implies that it's exterior in .

Would possibly aloof comprise brought my tinfoil hat are you one among them lizard attain you focus on in lizard folks esteem the brian spanky kendrick too there's 13 households of uh these lizards there's 13 bloodlines that place in marrying they comprise the royal households that bustle the realm .

I brought something i saw that i truly didn't know how the hell i obtained here but i figured i better lift my championship okay what is that what attain you mean what is that this it's my championship i'm undefeated for as a minimum virtually 25-30 years okay can i i'm unbiased announcing virtually 25-30 years we could need an field .

On anecdote of that is an unlicensed reproduction of my backer wrestling leisure no it isn't yours has duct tape mine does no longer that's an unlicensed reproduction is that esteem uh cardboard the supplies veteran to make this belt are cardboard duct tape ink blood sweat tears .

Need i impart extra you comprise an unlicensed reproduction i better gain a chop of that it’s a ways since it it's it's it's n-w-o new lady's uncover championship no longer my nwo to lifestyles for sweet yeah because they're all chubby of gmo too sweet my ass i know gm unbiased .

Appropriate man conservatives what why am i here axel's gonna chop you down attain you wrestle how did you gain that championship okay let me again up certain i gigging blade your total time red blade red ability red ability green what i mean and secondly to acknowledge to your put a question to certain i wrestle .

I've been wrestling for 15 plus years undefeated in my be pleased firm you're the ideal particular person real you're keeping llc one particular person i defeat myself what's the llc prolonged residing championship loser i don't know then i’m an llc excluding i'm no longer a loser i'm a winner okay first put a question to .

Uh medusa performs certain you had been on that dub dub that you attain you okay nope can you read your lines please i'll read my my um worldwidding questions better than chris chris cookie van rapid questions you had been on the wwe wwe video display desk for me that place looked .

Enjoy changed into that arby's that changed into my first job arby's changed into your first job certain i obtained paid two greenbacks and 40 cents an hour no [ __ ] i bellow can you hook me up with that job certain it's all processed you'd match real in will you um i'm gonna hand this on my signature already no i don't unbiased wait .

Till we're performed i'll give you my autograph later can you hand this again to me esteem catch it and then esteem hand it again to me esteem you're giving me this approach on it's for the it's for the factor all real oh what attain you obtained there bathroom paper let me glimpse can i comprise that please .

That cardona virus is a in level of fact big deal i didn't let it touch oh what's this what's this uh medusa blaze is that this your phone amount oh i'm i'm sorry i will't i um i'm saving myself for uh nia jax because i don't know if about that we're gonna be banging and we're gonna hook up and gain married .

After which i'm going to be welcomed into the sermon dynasty roman reigns head of the kitty desk i'm the high of the out of the ordinary desk i body slam replace thru tables every day and what i'm going to be the high of this from owen dynasty once me and my nia jax originate banging and we gain married so that you're gonna prefer to .

Give her a baby gladly i’d gladly what would you name your child between you and nia how your total usos they are saying that's it that's it you'd name the kid in actual fact that's what i changed into planning on calling i feel that's unbiased all real and the boya dear all is named mankind .

Of the wwe okay next put a question to medusa blaze john cena [ __ ] or [ __ ] i impart [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] is massive okay i'm rapidly i'm gonna comprise ric flair glimpse you now nope i know charlotte me too .

Medusa blaze i'm real here so how did i ever come again in this yard as in opposition to male wrestlers um a amount of girls wrestlers stay a in level of fact very prolonged time could unbiased young stay except she changed into esteem 150 years old how attain girls how and why attain girls wrestlers stay .

Without end we're esteem cats [ __ ] we stay nine lives and each time we fall we land on our feet esteem a cat that truly triggers me why i obtained wwe corridor of famer medusa blaze in my yard and she's [ __ ] purring at me i'm [ __ ] brought about i'm no longer purring at .

You you're purring at me you're hitting on me i gain it it’s not a cat name that is a that is ex there could be nothing extra esteem a cat name than being purred in any admire real let's gain to wrestling who comprise you beat who haven't i overwhelmed me so why don't we could put your belt up .

My belt up okay easy i don't i don't easy medusa blaze i don't know if this but i’m retired for the time being i've performed all the pieces there could be to achieve in this replace i’d pull a terry funk if the money's real so when you happen to would rob to when you happen to would rob to name up bawl tony kahn when you happen to would rob to name up uh uh .

Vince when you happen to wouldn't name up a hunter we could make a head rock both or yeah kid rock kid rock's ill ah rattling american and chubby ass do not put out of your mind that song consider when undertaker came out on the bike he's esteem and then he came to the ring he's esteem .

Do not put out of your mind that no james ellsworth um uh are you continue to rising am i aloof rising uh real now about edifying measurement in geek in geek misogyny medusa is a snake lady that stares at you and gets you stoned medusa how prolonged did you glimpse at have confidence shut van .

Dam to gain him that stoned i don't even know who have confidence shut is but he sounds esteem he's obtained some big hookup alternatively watch at me i will aloof flip you to stone it worked it worked i feel i aloof comprise it i feel moderately stoned real now don't attain that ever again with out warning .

Me i opinion it changed into here rob to meet somebody special you're meeting somebody champion that we had been gonna in actual fact presumably comprise a yard wrestling match because i've below no circumstances had one and i've frequently wanted one but no okay when you happen to play your car pressure presumably we are able to attain .

Something for the kids i don't play cards i didn't mean literal card jesus christ okay medusa blaze don't be moderately bit i mean i wish i had an umbrella too substandard no longer esteem you're a two-time corridor of famer presumably when you happen to're a two-time corridor of famer that you must be .

We'd gain an umbrella for you medusa i feel in level of fact substandard for you in actual fact since you had been forced to achieve something in opposition to your will in wcw i did you wrestled oklahoma oh that changed into disgusting real i'll be there in a minute that's your helicopter certain that's ill thanks oh that .

Brought they brought you here certain who's using it um cody cody rhodes no cody rose give me a contract you [ __ ] tony certain so yeah what did i attain so in wcw you wrestled oklahoma it changed into i feel in level of fact substandard for you i feel it's in level of fact unbiased ill and disgusting that somebody .

Love jr unbiased old jr all americans calls them unbiased old jr i feel it's jr i feel it's ill and disgusting that somebody esteem jr to for the time being would make fun of someone with a clinical affliction esteem oklahoma had aloof to for the time being he's making fun of .

That unfortunate man and i attain 2021 it's woke cancel jr for making fun of oklahoma aloof to for the time being real is that what you focus on that did that did no longer happen that implies it did no longer accelerate down that implies that changed into disgusting so would you wrestle with barbecue sauce would you be okay i've .

Finished it i’d attain it again naya i potentially shouldn't impart that it's 2021 and that could but no i don't prefer to gain canceled and i don't know what if ann can cancel me at the moment so nia jax i attain apologize i’d below no circumstances um wrestle and i'm going to name nya i'm going to text her real now please .

God attain it i'm going to text her the place's my phone i'll please god it's within the helicopter so that you're going to tell him you're in actual fact going to tell him to achieve some extra or much less exercise i'm omit coach brother approach on you lived in japan didn't you attain you focus on japanese .

Are you calling me an [ __ ] are you announcing something in japanese [ __ ] next put a question to medusa you had the wwe 24 7 championship aloof champion i will need to comprise brought that belt too i wish that you must comprise i’m i'm aloof a champion i opinion but million dollar man bought it from you .

Is that cody rhodes again i am hoping it turns on you or something i am hoping they let the loo crap real there if it's you focus on it'd be cody rhodes poop or what changed into there a ref wherever round when i had the 21st century i wasn't observing then why are you asking me a put a question to because .

On anecdote of it changed into on wikipedia and i feel about all the pieces on the catch is that strange if it's on the catch it's correct and likely i feel about all the pieces that's on the catch that's the difficulty next put a question to uh medusa blaze what's your favourite wrestler what's your favourite podcast .

Five minute mondays paving the ability i feel you unbiased botched i feel you meant the uh for your designate wrestling podcast can you watch at the cameras you haven't heard of that what is it who does it it's my it's my [ __ ] podcast oh watch it's real there oh that's substandard oh that's frigid you're .

Speaking about mike rookie it doesn't comprise a tm on it even though i’d be terrified why why because i'm gonna name my lawyer and trademark it on you when you happen to desire my [ __ ] i bellow to god that's my donkey i'm in level of fact terrified about you that you must unbiased aloof .

Oh i’m oh yo medusa no i'm no longer no one's gonna cancel me trigger i end i will't dude i'm a can i pray for you real now i will't end dear god please uh heal the wickedness and the .

The the sins and the demons which could very smartly be inner of medusa blaze she is a one-time wwe corridor of famer no longer two-time corridor-of-famer and she is clearly both possessed or dealing with some extra or much less i need to originate a strange witch cleanse her soul and repair her jesus name amen i'm an atheist you're .

Welcome i don't give a [ __ ] i didn't search files from you nowadays i'll be there in a minute cody leave us by myself poop on them oh yeah medusa why is that this going on what did you what changed into in that water .

i did no longer put unbiased to make certain i will't again it i did no longer put anything in her water oh my oh that is an efficient put a question to we'll all let if it’s a ways medusa blaze that is an efficient put a question to did you ever be pleased at the nitro grill when you happen to edit any of this what did you .

Ever be pleased at the nitro grill what is that heaven on earth what is a nitro grill you had been a little bit of world championship heaven on earth attain you focus on in that certain i feel about in my unbiased lord and fl slaver uh savior jesus slaver slavery i knew it oh don't that's it please don't impart it .

Medusa blaze who's extra of a man the accurate man's man steven regal or becky lynch um y2koolaid comprise you heard him no he's my supervisor smartly i'd like to meet him medusa blaze i obtained i obtained an field with howdy the place attain we originate smartly we originate here i obtained an field with aew .

Why okay in actual fact two complications amount one in actual fact is they won't hire me amount two um the boss and we're no longer going to edit that no i shoot from the hip tony god that's the ideal place that you must shoot from since you're blanks what attain you mean you ain't gonna .

Have not any usos you're ineffective i'm gonna comprise oh yeah medusa i'm gonna comprise purebred sir owens i could unbiased watch esteem a stupid ass white dude but my balls are pure samoan my divulge with aw one they won't hire me too tony kahn okay watch at this guy .

Puny little wimp [ __ ] what can what can tony khan attain in a wrestle you put tony conan in opposition to a bunch of guys tony kahn can't beat them off okay if tony khan went up in opposition to one guy in a murky alley no ability he’s going to also be .

Beat him off i mean medusa attain you focus on tony kahn could beat off a man in a murky rental are you no longer asking me a put a question to are you unbiased having a dialog no that is a medusa blaze attain you focus on tony kahn could beat off a murky or beat off a man in a murky rental feed off in a nap what stunning guy in a murky .

Alley beat off a man he's runt he's little did you unbiased impart tony khan is beat dude survey what you impart this guy is it's unbiased your fault he's highly effective i'm highly effective he didn't hire you i've been hired by aew uh each person is conscious of i'm so cheerful with you you've performed big .

Things you obtained you had your be pleased [ __ ] monster truck i don't have confidence i don't have confidence tony kahn could beat our beat off a man in a murky alley he's a runt ass [ __ ] i said it and i'll desire it again when you happen to give me a contract okay that is one among my favourite segments on the video display that is the .

Share of the video display the place we search files from our company what wrestlers they've banged it's called feel the bang bang medusa blaze you tell us what wrestler you've been medusa blaze comprise you smooth banged ric flair banusa blaze comprise you banged orange cassidy .

Medusa blaze comprise you banged skilled ralphus medusa blaze comprise you banged jeff jarrett medusa please comprise you enjoying sexual chocolate designate henry medusa blaze comprise you been tony cervani that is going big medusa blaze comprise you been cuiwi you're misplaced medusa blaze comprise you been .

Funaki it's 2021 medusa blaze comprise you been kimberly net page please impart certain closing film someplace comprise you blamed all or any of the people of three depend smartly there's an even tongue lashing on that one which we're unbiased give me it what i had a relationship with evan courages .

You heard that first here david david metzerman is it sharp to be an innovator in wrestling certain i changed into asking that to myself certain it’s a ways definite it’s a ways designate it's in level of fact hot end medusa blaze did randy orton below no circumstances poop for your catch strange i'm no longer announcing pooping that big .

I'm no longer into i mean i'm no longer announcing somebody's for any kinks you understand it's assorted assorted jokes for assorted strokes and real attain you gain a fan or anything i obtained an total bunch fans i don't glimpse one smartly there we are we're no longer having a video display real now now we comprise beatdown why am i here .

On anecdote of i opinion we had been gonna wrestle for our belts we when you happen to place enjoying your cards real that you must gain a match with me kid relax okay in wrestling men comprise ring rats clearly um uh yard just is not very any longer cardona real attain girls comprise ring wallers ring worms .

Bring worms since the rottweiler has ring worms so attain attain girls comprise ring worms within the yard we don't comprise a ring so we um now we comprise we wrestle within the yard and but now we comprise yard bunnies bodies bunnies bunnies yeah yard bunnies unbiased extra or much less the chicks they .

Want to oh as opposed to ring rats you comprise yard bunnies yep when you happen to comprise a bigger name for it that you must let me know yard lizards nah that doesn't roll off the tongue as smartly that's no longer an even recommendation that opinion sucks in actual fact the video display the darkish aspect of the .

Ring extra or much less esteem ringworm no distinction we're in a special put a question to now so that that you must end brooding about following your insensible ass leads here what what attain you obtained darkish aspect of the ring certain i comprise heard of it smartly we obtained our be pleased model it's called darkish aspect of the yard could you attain me a .

Settle on could you watch into the camera can you tell the oldsters observing at home how big of part of [ __ ] yoko zubaz just is not very any let me tell you something brother yokosuka his name particularly please yokozuna yoko zubaz yoko zubaz let me tell you how powerful of a [ __ ] part of [ __ ] this brother is real here .

Oh did you impart that you must no you i need you to focus on about him focus on about it you said marky no i'm taught marquee outrageous neglect it oh i'm frequently below no circumstances no unbiased let's gain let's let's let's gain on with it comprise you ever been to vince mcmahon's rental which one any of them ideally the one .

He's at essentially the most potentially this weekend per chance okay smartly if somebody that has can you give me his handle please end spitting it's yard did i strive to lift this place nice i'm ready for the bunnies they'll be here later okay medusa why didn't you join the nwo .

Why since it's the new lady's uncover yeah but there changed into no yeah the nwo frequently stood for new lady's uncover no it changed into don't make me kick you upside the high the freaking head he had oh i obtained that on camera don't let me introduce your teeth to the again your head .

I have confidence my attorneys are going to be loving this pictures you don't comprise a lawyer i obtained a rapid of them yeah real would you rob to meet him certain lift him on in i'll name them after this this place is gonna attain nothing but gain bigger and better .

The nitro grill is launch and it's hot medusa blaze you posed for playboy but that field below no circumstances came out the place are those pictures i below no circumstances posed for playboy that you must you attain gain that off the catch yeah wikipedia okay no below no circumstances did smartly when you happen to achieve can you if i attain i'm no it's the firm doesn't exist .

Anymore i aloof obtained a ton of points noosa blaze we obtained something most frequently we're in actual fact each and every private trainers did that is depending on what you're training in what canines bunnies no no i i comprise a declare bunnies don't you you're a non-public coach for bunnies .

Well about a of my yard bunnies technique to my uh every wednesday evening i comprise a uh girls's handiest shake weight class that happens at the girls's club and likewise you're welcome to approach when you happen to would rob to um insinuating gain a pump i'm insinuating that i'm i care about your smartly being and fitness and when you happen to would esteem .

To approach and gain to be comprise a free one i’d search files from you to shave your legs and your hands no longer shaving my goddang legs i'm a grown-ass man yeah but when you happen to in level of fact prefer to be a wrestler you would possibly want to shave that crap because that is blood-ass grotesque okay is ability overdone that is in most cases as [ __ ] .

Good adequate that's grotesque you are esteem that is only disgusting what attain you focus on that is comprise you ever considered an real man oh yeah earlier than nowadays i'm married to 1 prove it does he comprise hair on his legs doesn't sound esteem powerful of a man to me he's man 31 years protection pressure beat your ass 15 plus years .

Backyards kiss my ass you married this ability are you married to sergeant slaughter no uncover sergeant predominant medusa blaze no longer too prolonged within the past married to sergeant slaughter i'm fully delighted for you next put a question to medusa blaze catch on cody leave us the cologne he's a thirsty ass [ __ ] wants me to work for aw .

They clearly need it medusa blaze you threw the wwf girls's title within the trash on wcw monday nitro did you comprise warmth with duke the dumpster josie after that for gimmick and lynn infringement no he impressed me he wanted me to in actual fact utilize his real trash can but i couldn't .

Safe it there in time yeah he unbiased told me that within the middle of a signing closing week there you comprise it yeah one more one for the sheets bill raptor all real we're gonna accelerate for one among the one among the closing segments of the video display one among my favourite segments it's called shooter .

Where i search files from my wrestlers to shoot accurate exhausting on assorted wrestlers and medusa blaze i need you to shoot as exhausting as you've ever [ __ ] shot manusa blaze shoot exhausting on bull nakano i mean that changed into esteem in level of fact sharp to be within the room alongside with her because that just is not very any longer how you shoot you obtained to .

Shoot you gotta impart you gotta comprise the blood accelerate to the tip of your head and your [ __ ] vessels popping thru your neck medusa blaze shoot exhausting on jbl he aloof in level of fact likes this sucks a blaze shoot exhausting on breath of [ __ ] man brought the hitman exhausting yeah he's extra or much less don't be nice .

Be mean private a play shoot exhausting on vicky guerrero excuse me but it certainly's all exhausting enjoying shoot exhausting on vicky guerrero excuse me what oh i gain it no longer comical shoot medusa blaze shoot exhausting on scott steiner you seem barely pumped dude i'm [ __ ] pumped this [ __ ] medusa blaze shoot .

Exhausting i'm gonna comprise an aneurysm frigid down dude that is how you shoot kid and presumably when you happen to're shot esteem this you gain two corridor of reputation rings medusa blaze shoot exhausting on jim cornett he's obtained a amount of unbiased tales jesus that just is not very any longer taking pictures he does he's obtained some unbiased stuff i need you to be opposed i need you to drag off .

The dirt i need you to shoot kid but he's a blaze shoot exhausting on luna vacant vashon she changed into moderately bit loopy but she changed into a loving particular person it changed into unbiased improbable it's no longer taking pictures for [ __ ] sake medusa performs shoot exhausting on dr britt baker dmd she needs a root canal but she's .

Completely stunning and she can be able to attain a big promo since you wish a root canal you heard it here modusa performs closing and no longer peace in a position to shoot exhausting on vince russo yeah he's unbiased he's moderately perplexed but he's he's an even piece of my occupation [ __ ] that break all real you take a seat there .

You son of a gun i obtained something to tell you i'm gonna shoot for your ass real now you don't know what it's rob to be a champion why since you're a residing loser champ below no circumstances been a champ below no circumstances will be a champ hear to you with that watch at you in conjunction with your freaking .

Your gimmick blue factor so tight round your head it's so rattling blue your balls are wearing for your head you obtained blue balls for your head what this in level of fact stands for i know you in level of fact wanted me to approach here and likewise you unbiased found all of your crap on that wikipedia stuff .

what this stands for oh for your designate no it doesn't oh yeah can you desire a bump i unbiased prefer to observe one time when you happen to when you happen to are an real wrestler i've taken a thousand bumps in my lifestyles but i don't attain it for free kid in level of fact let me unbiased video display you something i'm no longer gonna break you i'm no longer gonna .

Touch you i'm no longer going to achieve anything we are performed i've had adequate the place's my helicopter the place is peter skeeter what the [ __ ] howdy i discovered these socks she's obtained she found she has a bunch of socks in her catch so we are able to make sock puppets later sock puppets let's attain that allow's attain some sock functions we could sock puppets attain .

You give map unbiased desire this for a second yeah it fell over obviously the place had been you i changed into observing on the aspect she ripped you unbiased hey hi oh my god are you coming at me i changed into i changed into gonna put a narrate in since it's now for your medusa so i'm skeeter i again him with his video display .

So i opinion presumably we could when you happen to would esteem a partner someone to cry at someone to gain to dapper up any of the vomits that you comprise when doing the video display any of that stuff i'm unbiased at that extra or much less edifying that you must be somebody i could put a leash round moderately collar and a leash and lift round .

You're unbiased i've obtained poop baggage we're unbiased real what whoa what the [ __ ] is going on here it's okay we're making a deal i'm unbiased kidding but certain yeah let's we are able to achieve that attain you focus on i could need socks for sock puppets certain certain what are you jealous .

I prefer to interact your belt and interact interact your belt and interact your little notes and lift your little fully delighted ass on out and then him and i will focus on replace what attain you focus on designate e outrageous marquee outrageous trigger i'm so outrageous i'm so unbiased i'm gonna leave because i gotta desire a .

Sh skeeter can you handle wrapping this up yeah i could attain that attain you solutions picking up your chair he's gonna be in there for esteem two hours survey my belt are you gonna poop are you in level of fact gonna accelerate poop i need to desire a [ __ ] oh yeah medusa that's an even name for a .

Point to oh it’s a ways isn't it it's a big name for a video display trigger that that's your name i feel that's dapper peter the place are you from uh marquee outrageous says i'm from a take a look at tube i don't do not put out of your mind that but i i'm certain to take into consideration them we gotta the place could unbiased aloof we put this because when he .

Goes to the bathroom he gets accurate mad that if anything happens he doesn't esteem dirt on it what i obtained it what i obtained something real here end the tune hear up chubby dog that is the place the massive girls play and presumably some little boys that is the undisputed yard .

Wrestling championship [ __ ] llc residing losing championship and that is what i suspect that mess no longer the recycling bin i haven't talked to a girl this prolonged earlier than in level of fact i esteem your hat you attain are you from florida in level of fact .

Are you are you a donald trump band i'm a donald duck fan sorry hi how are you unbiased i'm unbiased all the pieces approach out all real yeah i had a big video display thanks very powerful oh that is an efficient time to wrap this up i feel you're what i feel your helicopter's here uh accessible tell cody rhodes to .

Call me again um below no circumstances what oh skeeter your take a look at tube changeable has he had essentially the most efficient i feel he had the belt okay smartly in actual fact i feel he put it there's something at the again of you did skeeter attain this i watched him real there he said he did no longer need any extra .

Of this he wanted the socks he wanted to stir play pocket or sock hop pop hop pocket he performs pocket [ __ ] every day girls and gents this has been the worst interview i've ever had um oh yeah medusa thanks guys so powerful for observing and .

We'll glimpse you next time james ellsworth shoot accurate exhausting on the brooklyn brawler the brooklyn brawler who did he ever be an international champion esteem oh that you must that you must that you must impart extra and cry extra and your veins prefer to come out of your neck james i'll work shoot accurate exhausting on barry horowitz very exhausting with .

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Madusa Shoot Interview – On Your Trace Pro Wrestling

Madusa Shoot Interview - On Your Mark Pro Wrestling