Luke Hawx On ‘Heels’ Casting: Everyone Hit A Home Run, It Opens Up A Lot More Doors To Wrestling

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Luke Hawx On ‘Heels’ Casting: Everyone Hit A Home Run, It Opens Up A Lot More Doors To Wrestling

Luke Hawx has an eye for talent and he gets to see it first-hand on the set of Heels.

Luke Hawx recently spoke with WrestleZone while promoting Heels, the STARZ series that sees Hawx working as a wrestling coordinator and on-air character. Noting that CM Punk and lead actor Stephen Amell probably get the most attention from wrestling fans due to their respective connections to the “one true sport,” Hawx went down the list of actors on the show and said there’s so much talent in many aspects, and not just from a wrestling perspective.

“I think Stephen [Amell] and [CM] Punk get more of the attention from the wrestling side of things, not from the rest of the world, which is a lot bigger. The entertainment world is a lot bigger than the wrestling world and I’ve seen the cast get a lot of love for the things they’ve done and that’s not a knock on wrestling,” Hawx pointed out. “I’m just saying that it’s two different worlds. Wrestling fans pay attention to the wrestling stuff but then everyone else pays attention to the entertainment and that opens up a lot more doors into wrestling.

“There were so many different people, like [former NFL star and two-time Super Bowl Champion] James Harrison, you wouldn’t have to teach anything, he’d pick it up just by watching. Rooster, Allen Maldonado, phenomenal athlete, extremely hard worker, natural… he’s a natural in the ring, picked things up very quick and did them very athletically. Alexander [Ludwig], he’s a stud, dude. Here’s why I give Xander a lot of credit, along with Stephen, they had the busiest schedules on the show because they’re the two leads. Alison Luff is phenomenal, she comes from Broadway and she’s just a killer, she plays Stephen’s wife on the show,” he explained, “and she knows how to bring it, no matter what emotion she’s trying to draw out of you, she just gets it.”

“Kelli [Berglund] who plays Crystal, another one, just look at the things she’s done, look how far her character’s come in the first six episodes, just wait til the seventh and eighth. But with Xander, he was so busy because he has to act and has to prep so we didn’t have much time to teach him things, so he would come in guns blazing. Like, he would come in and he wanted to do as much as possible and wanted to try to find time, which was almost impossible for him because he had so much going on. So, I really, really want to thank those guys and give kudos where it’s due because they not only had to learn how to wrestle for those parts but they also had to remember their dialogue and do their promotion and photoshoots and table reads and they have families,” Hawx noted, “so then they’d have to go home to their families and do what they had to do over there. It was just a very, very well casted show, I think everyone hit a home run.”

The Heels season finale is set to premiere on October 10. You can follow Luke Hawx on Twitter. Learn more about and support Wildkat Sports at this link, and watch our full interview at the top of this post.

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