Luke Gallows Confirms That WWE Reached Out To Fired Talent With Smaller Deals

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Luke Gallows Confirms That WWE Reached Out To Fired Talent With Smaller Deals

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As part of the Talk’N Shop Podcast released at midnight when their contracts fully expired, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson confirmed something that had been rumored for a while following the mass WWE layoffs a few months ago. After Karl Anderson stated that it would take “a lot” for him to accept another WWE offer at this point due to the embarrassing circumstances of his departure, Luke Gallows chimed in with a brief aside that gives some insight into how WWE is handling the firings.

They’re offering people we know to come back for much smaller increments of money, and I’m happy to say that a lot of them are telling them to go f&%k themselves.

Karl Anderson also discussed money as a possible reason for why they were fired, stating that their deals were perceived as bigger than necessary for their smaller roles on TV, which caused some unrest amongst the talent.

I think rumors about the amount of money that we signed for started to swirl. I feel like certain guys that were probably higher than us on the card heard about that. I think some agents, guys like Jamie Noble and Michael Hays, whatever, they probably started hearing the rumblings of that money. And probably didn’t like it. And started laying seeds that we were making too much for what we’re doing.

Gallows then contributed that talent that joined the company in an earlier era didn’t reap the benefits of WWE’s lucrative TV deals, and perhaps felt jealous at the deals that his team was able to procure for themselves.

You can see the full two-hour podcast embedded below:

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