Luchasaurus Found Success When He Became A Dinosaur And Stopped Trying To Be A Human

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Luchasaurus Found Success When He Became A Dinosaur And Stopped Trying To Be A Human

Photo Credit: James Musselwhite

Jurassic Express recently appeared on AEW Unrestricted, and the trio reflected on their journeys to All Elite Wrestling and their collective success with the company. In one highlight, Luchasaurus revealed how working with Dusty Rhodes helped him find success later in his career:

“I’ve talked about this before, he was actually one of my only supporters down [in FCW], so it was actually really cool,” said Luchasaurus. “But I was always trying to find a way to put my master’s degree stuff in because I, for no reason, have a medieval master’s degree. So I was like, ‘How can I use this in a wrestling context?’ And you know, in promo class with Dusty, you try different things all the time. And he always had me trying different ways to pinpoint how to do that, and we couldn’t figure it out.

“But a lot of the stuff I do now, and the way I just talk, is kind of just me being myself, which is what he liked. As soon as I became a dinosaur and stopped trying to be a human, all the sudden, my sense of humor, it kind of became an absurdity kind of thing. And it just made it work. So it’s like, I wish he could have been there to see that because I think he would have loved as soon as I put a mask on and figured out something that was totally…because I never would have thought to do this on my own, it’s kind of one of those things that we talked about organically happened. Without [working with Dusty], it would have been really hard for me to dive into a character like this.”

In another highlight, Marko Stunt shared how Joey Janela reacted to the “Jurassic Park” name, which was a Tony Khan creation:

Stunt: “Joey found out that we were gonna be called the Jurassic Express, and he said ‘What? That’s f—— stupid,'” said Stunt. ‘And Tony’s standing right there. Tony goes, ‘Well, I came up with that, though.’ And [Joey] goes, ‘Well, it’s f—— stupid.’ And Tony goes, ‘Well, I appreciate your honesty.”

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