Luchasaurus Calls Recent Injury ‘Freak Thing‘, How He’s Trying To Prevent It From Reoccurring

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Luchasaurus Calls Recent Injury ‘Freak Thing‘, How He’s Trying To Prevent It From Reoccurring

All Elite Wrestling star Luchasaurus spoke during a media scrum at Starrcast IV, and fielded many questions about his injury status. Luchasaurus noted that reports of his timeframe for a return have been exaggerated. He noted he expects to be back around January and clarified that the injury is to his muscle, not his tendon as it was originally believed.

“I’m hoping based on the therapy I’m doing, and seeing the doctor every week, and eventually, he’ll clear me one week. The latest possible [time] that I’ll be ready to return to AEW standard, of what they want from me,” Luchasaurus said, “would be January, the first week. That’s the latest. I’m hoping to come back earlier than that. That’s my latest timetable for you guys. So it’s not going to be till like mid-April or anything like that initially reported. Hopefully sometime this year, but definitely January the latest.”

As noted, Luchasaurus said there has been one positive out of all of this, noting how Marko Stunt was able to get the spotlight in his absence. When asked about how he could potentially avoid this type of injury again, Luchasaurus explained how he was working to prevent a repeat and noted what may have caused it as well.

“It was a freak thing. I’ve had a lot of unfortunate luck with injuries in the past. It wasn’t like it was something chronic that was about to go and went. It was literally I stepped wrong and I tried to save what I was doing, and I just felt a pop. I wasn’t warmed up,” Luchasaurus explained. “We had flown in the night before and filmed something in the morning. I wasn’t hydrated. I let my normal morning routine of stretches and therapy go for that day, and that was my mistake. my new thing on show days is I’m not—I’m keeping myself really hydrated, I’m going to warm up the way I know how to warm up before I try to do anything physical. If an injury happens to me again, it’s going to happen to me in the ring on the show, not an hour before the show.”

Luchasaurus noted he’s got his electrolyte levels in a good place now and said things could have been a lot worse. He also said that if it was an in-ring injury he probably would’ve finished the match due to adrenaline, but now he’s just trying to learn from it. He closed by saying he knows you can’t ever fully prevent an injury, but he’s re-evaluating his program and taking any step he can to stay healthy.

Check out the full interview below:

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