Luchador Priest Recovering From COVID-19 In Mexico

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Luchador Priest Recovering From COVID-19 In Mexico

Luchadore Priest Fray Tormenta

Photo Credit: Ovaciones

A luchador priest in Mexico and he is currently recovering from COVID-19.

According to Ovaciones out of Mexico, Fray Tormenta, a former fighter turned priest recently tested positive for the coronavirus and just a few days ago his health status was very “delicate,” but according to the article he is improving as he receives care from a nurse at home as he didn’t require hospitalization.

Tormenta, whose real name is Sergio Gutiérrez Benítez, is 74 and is retired from in-ring action. Tormenta was still very active in his parish activities as he put some of his old masks up for sale on social media to help raise funds for the children’s shelter which has been in operation for more than 45 years.

With the help of people from his parish and his work as a wrestler, Tormenta has helped 2,500 children and young people find homes outside of the orphanage and it has produced even some wrestling talent. He currently officiates mass at church of San Antonio Tepatitlán. Luchadore talents such as Mistico and independent talents across Mexico have shared their well wishes to Tormenta

We here at WrestleZone wants to send are prayers and wishes to Fray Tormenta for a speedy and healthy recovery!

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