Lucha Libre AAA On Space Results (5/20/2023)

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AAA showcased the most recent installment of their weekly television program on Saturday, May 20, 2023. The event was broadcasted exclusively on Canal Space for viewers in Mexico.

You can check out the full results below, courtesy of Lucha Blog:


– In a Lumberjack Match featuring La Hiedra as the Special Guest Referee, Puma King emerged victorious over Mr. Iguana.

– Gringo Loco delivered a backstage address, openly criticizing Hijo del Vikingo for disparaging remarks made about him. Hijo del Vikingo promptly confronted Gringo Loco and issued a challenge for a match under stipulations of Loco’s choosing. Loco requested a grace period of two to three weeks to determine the stipulations, intending to subject Vikingo to a humiliating defeat.

– Dalys and Negro Casas triumphed over Argenis and Toscano. Subsequent to the match, La Hiedra launched a surprise attack on Dalys, but was ultimately driven away by Negro Casas.

– Following Hiedra’s ambush, Dalys and Negro Casas delivered a backstage speech, expressing their aspirations to attain multiple championship titles. Dalys affirmed her pursuit of the Reina de Reinas title, while she and Casas set their sights on capturing the Mixed Tag Gold. Casas explicitly revealed his interest in the AAA Latin American and Cruiserweight Titles, which are presently held by AEW’s Rey Fenix.

– Laredo Kid, Dralistico, and Hijo Del Vikingo secured a victory over Antifaz del Norte, Dinámico, and Gringo Loco (via disqualification due to Antifaz’s employment of a Low Blow on Laredo Kid).

– A vignette showcased an unidentified individual summoning Pentagon Jr, claiming to have left cautionary messages on his property and vehicle. The enigmatic figure vowed to expose Pentagon Jr as a “fraud,” asserting that companies’ attempts to portray him as a star were merely profit-driven endeavors, leaving Pentagon Jr with minimal compensation.

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