Low-Ki’s Public Refusal To Wear A Mask Riles Up Wrestling World

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Low-Ki’s Public Refusal To Wear A Mask Riles Up Wrestling World

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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Indie wrestling journeyman Low-Ki took to social media today with a message about ignorance and the ongoing global pandemic. In it, he says that he respects people’s right to “remain ignorant’ and be “ruled by fear” amidst the pandemic. He “respects his health enough” that he shouldn’t be barred from shaking hands and embracing other people. In addition, he says that people have “zero right” to tell him to wear a mask, take a vaccine, or social distance. He ends by saying that “ignorance is a choice” and that he “chooses not to be ignorant.”

The entire statement mirrors conspiracy theories that place the blame for the current crisis on some unseen powerful entity trying to control the populace for one reason or another. Low-Ki has furthered this with additional tweets saying that “information has been clouded purposefully” to divide the general public.


— LOW-KI ロウ・キー セカイノ戦士 (@OneWorldWarrior) June 27, 2020

Several of his peers from across the wrestling landscape have responded to the tweet, which caused Low-Ki’s name to trend across Twitter in the United States. They almost universally deride his statement and stress the importance of keeping your fellow man safe from infection.

When I travel my mask stays on always, when I go into a store/business my mask is on. I always have hand sanitizer in my pocket & social distancing is vital. I'm blessed to work for a company who has been Blood Testing all of us in #AEW from the START of this Pandemic. #StaySafe

— TAZ (@OfficialTAZ) June 27, 2020

I choose to wear a mask because it POSSIBLY will make my 6 y/o daughter’s life a little safer. Am I right? Who knows, but if wearing a dumb mask over my face will help my daughter or anyone else in the world, I’ll take the chance. & if it’s wrong, I wore a fucking mask. Oh well. https://t.co/0nyM8Vxiwe

— Dax FTR (@DaxHarwood) June 27, 2020

Lol cool story bro.
for everyone else who cares for us a whole, not as an individual, we’ll be selling more masks through @TamasIsland once we get restocked next week. https://t.co/LACurPApRS pic.twitter.com/mbwtOpAo0R

— Tama “The Good Bad Guy” Tonga (@Tama_Tonga) June 27, 2020

Or, counter point, think about someone else’s safety besides your own for once and just wear a damn mask. It’s the most minor inconvenience. https://t.co/8TZGWxMmlZ

— Ryan Satin (@ryansatin) June 27, 2020

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