Long-Tenured WWE Referee Ryan Tran Shares His Future Goals and Mick Foley’s Note

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Referee Ryan Tran has been with WWE for 13 years now, and he recently made an appearance on the “Viet Q Podcast” to discuss his time in the company so far, his future goals, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On his future goals: “My goal is to go possibly another ten years. After that, I would like to still be with the company. I do enjoy the beyond the scenes work. Sometimes, I feel I don’t have to be in front of the camera. If I can be the behind the scenes person, putting things together and making sure that the show goes on right. I like the video side, the audio side, the lighting. All that stuff that goes behind the scenes, I enjoy that stuff. I do enjoy working with my co-workers that way and learning those things.”

On continuing to learn new aspects to the business: “In the entertainment business, it’s so much fun, there are so many things to learn. That’s another thing my dad told me, ‘when you’re doing something and learning, you have to learn multiple trades. Never stop learning because you never know what they may need you for.’ That’s also helped me out. I started refereeing, I learned that, I went to wrestling, but I wanted to better myself, so I went to a different school, I learned more, and now that I do this, I learned how to build a ring and tear down a ring, learned how to fix this and that. He’s always taught me to make yourself to where they can’t just release you, fire you, or lose you. They know you’re too important. That’s one thing I’ve taken from him. Him, being an immigrant, coming here with my mom, my two sisters, and myself, with nothing. He made something of himself, he gave me a path, and now it’s my job to create a path for my sons and daughter. I need to open a path for them like he did for me.”

The Fayetteville Marksmen minor league hockey team recently paid homage to Mick Foley. At their game earlier this week, the team wore some plaid jerseys with their team logo portrayed as a Cactus Jack-like Wanted poster. The team defeated their opponents 5 – 2.

You can check out some videos from the game below:

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Referee Ryan Tran Reflects on His Time in WWE and Future Goals

Referee Ryan Tran, who has been with WWE for 13 years, recently appeared on the “Viet Q Podcast” to discuss his journey in the company and his aspirations for the future. Tran shared insights into his role behind the scenes, his passion for learning new aspects of the business, and his desire to continue contributing to WWE’s success.

When asked about his future goals, Tran expressed his desire to remain with WWE for another ten years. He emphasized his enjoyment of working behind the scenes and being involved in the technical aspects of production. Tran mentioned his interest in video production, audio engineering, and lighting, highlighting his enthusiasm for the work that goes on behind the camera. He also expressed his satisfaction in working with his co-workers and learning from them.

Tran emphasized the importance of continuous learning in the entertainment business. He shared advice from his father, who encouraged him to acquire multiple skills and never stop learning. Tran’s father instilled in him the belief that being versatile and knowledgeable in various trades would make him indispensable to the company. Tran took this advice to heart and expanded his skill set beyond refereeing, learning about wrestling, ring construction, and equipment maintenance. He credits his father’s guidance for shaping his work ethic and determination to create a path for his own children, just as his father did for him.

In other news related to the world of sports entertainment, the Fayetteville Marksmen minor league hockey team paid tribute to WWE legend Mick Foley during one of their recent games. The team wore plaid jerseys featuring their logo designed as a Wanted poster resembling Cactus Jack, one of Foley’s iconic wrestling personas. The Marksmen emerged victorious with a 5-2 win over their opponents.

The team’s homage to Mick Foley garnered attention on social media, with videos and photos from the game circulating online. Fans can find these highlights on the Fayetteville Marksmen’s Twitter account, where they can also purchase team merchandise.

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In conclusion, referee Ryan Tran’s interview sheds light on his dedication to WWE and his passion for the entertainment business. His commitment to continuous learning and his desire to contribute behind the scenes demonstrate his determination to make a lasting impact in the industry. As Tran continues his journey with WWE, fans can expect to see his expertise and dedication shine through in every aspect of the production.