Lola Vice expresses her desire to form a duo with Randy Orton.

Lola Vice expresses her desire to form a duo with Randy Orton.
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In a recent interview on the “Under the Ring” podcast, wrestling star Lola Vice expressed her aspiration to form a tag-team with Randy Orton.

Currently lined up for a face-off with Shayna Baszler in an NXT Underground match at the forthcoming NXT Battleground pay-per-view event, Vice took time to share her professional ambitions and aspirations on the podcast. Among these, she expressed a keen desire to work alongside iconic names in the wrestling world such as Randy Orton and The Rock.

During the conversation, Vice was asked about her dream tag team partner to which she replied, “Presently, as astonishing as it may seem, I would select Randy Orton. I utterly admire his wrestling style and the way he explodes into action. His sense of timing is impeccable. Forming a tag team with Randy Orton is high on my wishlist. Moreover, if we talk about a legend from the past, Eddie Guerrero is my choice.”

Besides her wrestling wishes, Vice also highlighted her longing to make a foray into the world of cinema with The Rock. She enthused, “The Rock also deserves a special mention. I harbor a seemingly far-fetched, but nonetheless heartfelt ambition to recreate Miami Vice, the chiseled-out action drama from the ’80s, with The Rock. I am a firm believer in the power of manifesting our dreams into reality.”

Here’s a video link to Lola Vice’s full interview, in which she sheds light on her journey, transitioning from MMA to WWE and more:

[embedded video]

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