Logan Paul Discusses the Nature of His Collaborative Partnership with Triple H

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At the WWE Crown Jewel 2023 pay-per-view event, Logan Paul beat Rey Mysterio to capture the WWE United States Championship.

Following the show, Paul spoke with Mail Sport to discuss his time in the company, his relationship with Triple H, and more.


You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his relationship with Triple H: “I’m so stoked that Triple H and the company believes in me like they do. Hopefully I can make them proud and I know I will. He’s super receptive to my ideas. I’m a content creator – keyword ‘creator’. I like to make stuff, I come up with ideas. When I pitch my ideas, he’s all ears all the time. We bounce ideas off each other, we go back and forth and usually land on stuff that’s pretty epic. It’s super collaborative and I like that they give me the freedom to be who I am in their company.”

On Jake Paul possibly making more WWE appearances: “It’s tough bro. He’s a boxer. I’m a wrestler slash boxer. I think he’s going to be focusing on boxing for a bit, but who knows? If I need some backup and a big right hand, I’m going to bring in my brother!”

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Logan Paul, the popular YouTuber and boxer, recently made headlines in the world of professional wrestling. At the WWE Crown Jewel 2023 pay-per-view event, Paul defeated Rey Mysterio to become the new WWE United States Champion. This victory has sparked conversations about Paul’s involvement in the wrestling industry and his future in the WWE.
After the event, Paul spoke with Mail Sport to share his thoughts on his time in the company, his relationship with Triple H, and more. One of the key points he highlighted was his positive relationship with Triple H, a prominent figure in the WWE. Paul expressed his excitement and gratitude for Triple H and the company’s belief in him. He mentioned that Triple H is receptive to his ideas and that they collaborate well together. Paul appreciates the freedom given to him by the WWE to express his creativity and be himself within the company.
When asked about the possibility of his brother, Jake Paul, making more appearances in the WWE, Logan Paul acknowledged that Jake is primarily focused on his boxing career at the moment. However, he didn’t rule out the idea of Jake joining him in the wrestling ring if needed. Logan humorously mentioned that if he ever required backup and a powerful punch, he would bring in his brother.
Logan Paul’s involvement in professional wrestling has certainly generated interest and intrigue among fans. His crossover from YouTube and boxing to the WWE has brought a fresh perspective and new audience to the sport. While some may question his legitimacy as a wrestler, there is no denying the attention and excitement he brings to the industry.
As with any celebrity involvement in wrestling, there are mixed opinions among fans. Some appreciate the entertainment value and recognize the potential for attracting new viewers. Others argue that it takes away opportunities from dedicated wrestlers who have trained for years to earn their place in the company. Nonetheless, Logan Paul’s presence in the WWE has undoubtedly sparked conversations and added another layer of excitement to the world of professional wrestling.
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In conclusion, Logan Paul’s victory at WWE Crown Jewel 2023 and his subsequent interview with Mail Sport have shed light on his relationship with Triple H, his creative input in the WWE, and the possibility of his brother Jake Paul making future appearances. Whether you love him or hate him, Logan Paul’s presence in professional wrestling has undeniably made an impact and generated buzz within the industry.