Logan Paul Discusses His Personal Life and Relationship with His United States Title Belt

Logan Paul Discusses His Personal Life and Relationship with His United States Title Belt
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On his YouTube channel, Jake Paul interviewed his brother and reigning WWE United States Champion Logan Paul, discussing what life has been like since winning the title, and what he’s been up to since beating Rey Mysterio.

Paul defeated Mysterio to win the WWE United States Title at Crown Jewel 2023 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On what he’s been doing with the title belt: “I don’t think you understand. I just took a shower with this belt on. I ran a 5K earlier with this belt on. This belt never leaves my waist. I f*** in this belt. This belt, it means everything to me.”

On what Triple H told him not to do with the title belt: “Cut that out. Cut that out, bro. Just because the WWE, they did say I can’t f*** in the belt. When I won the belt, they said, *Laughs* ‘Whatever you do, don’t you f*** in this belt!’ I swear, Triple H, he came up to me, he said, ‘Logan, congratulations on the belt. One thing we’ve been really cautious about here in the organization is making sure our athletes are not f****ng in their belts. So if you could just refrain from f**king in your belt.’ And I gave him my word. Next thing you know, I’m clapping cheeks in this f***ing 40-pound piece of metal. You gotta cut that out. All of it.”

On Triple H wanting him to use the Imperial system instead of the metric system: “One thing Triple H said to me, after I won, of course, beat Rey Mysterio, for the United States Championship, one thing he said to me. He came up to me, he said, ‘Logan, congratulations. I hope you took the last thing I said to heart and you’re taking it serious.’ I said, ‘Of course.’ Then he said, ‘One other thing. As the United States Champion, you can only use the imperial system. Cut the metric s*** out. No meters. No kilometers. Imperial system only.’ So if you could cut out the part where I said 5K.”

During their WWE United States Title match in Saudi Arabia, Logan Paul caught Rey Mysterio during a scary moonsault spot, and The Maverick spoke about that experience on a recent edition of his “Impaulsive” podcast.

Paul said, “I’m going to come clean because I’ve seen all these positive headlines. ‘Logan saves Rey Mysterio. The Mexican community is going crazy, they’re praising me, saying I’m sort of hero. I’m like, ‘Dang, I’m getting recognized for something cool? I’ll take it.’ Then, I looked at the clip, upon assessing my performance, while I think I did save Rey Mysterio. I think I also almost killed Rey Mysterio. I think I was too far back for the move, and I think he didn’t clear enough ground for the move.”

He continued, “That’s what happened. I was too far back, he didn’t clear enough ground, we both made a mistake. I had to catch him, I had to catch him. I wasn’t going to not catch him. truthfully, while I like the headlines and I like getting gassed up, I was just doing my job. I’ll take the praise. The tough part is when I caught him, I was in like a spider-knee position. I have compromised knees, so maybe they could have snapped.”

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Logan Paul, the reigning WWE United States Champion, recently sat down for an interview with his brother Jake Paul on his YouTube channel. They discussed Logan’s experience since winning the title and what he has been up to since defeating Rey Mysterio.

Logan Paul won the WWE United States Title at Crown Jewel 2023 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Since then, he has been enjoying his victory and embracing the significance of the championship belt. In the interview, Logan expressed his attachment to the belt, stating that it never leaves his waist. He even joked about taking a shower and running a 5K with the belt on, emphasizing its importance to him.

However, Logan also shared some humorous anecdotes about what Triple H, a prominent figure in WWE, told him regarding the title belt. He revealed that Triple H warned him not to engage in any intimate activities while wearing the belt. Despite giving his word to refrain from such actions, Logan admitted to breaking that promise and engaging in some unconventional activities with the belt.

Additionally, Triple H apparently advised Logan to use the imperial system instead of the metric system as the United States Champion. This led to Logan jokingly mentioning that he should cut out the part where he mentioned running a 5K, as it is a metric measurement.

During their WWE United States Title match in Saudi Arabia, Logan Paul caught Rey Mysterio during a moonsault spot, which could have ended in disaster. On his podcast, Logan admitted that while he saved Rey Mysterio from potential harm, he also acknowledged that he was partially responsible for the risky situation. He mentioned that he was too far back for the move, and Rey Mysterio didn’t clear enough ground. Despite this, Logan fulfilled his duty as a wrestler and caught Rey Mysterio to prevent any serious injuries.

Overall, Logan Paul’s interview provided some entertaining insights into his life as the WWE United States Champion. It showcased his dedication to the belt, his humorous interactions with Triple H, and his commitment to ensuring the safety of his opponents in the ring.

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