Live Ongoing NWA Into The Fire Results (12/14/19)

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Live Ongoing NWA Into The Fire Results (12/14/19)

NWA Into The Fire

NWA Into The Fire – Atlanta, GA, December 14, 2019

Grudge Match: Eli Drake vs. Ken Anderson

Collar elbow tie up. Ken backs Eli up in the corner and the two reset. Both exchange wrist locks and Eli drop toe holds Ken down. Anderson wrenches the arm. Jaw break snapmare by Eli. Another arm wrench by Anderson. Eli elbows and slugs away at Ken in the corner. Irish whip but Anderson answers back with a clothesline and an elbow drop. Two count.

Ken tries to stay on top but Eli creates space between the two. He catches Anderson with a stun gun off the rope before hitting a hangman’s neckbreaker for two.

Eli chants break out as he hits a falling bodyslam on Ken. Big leaping elbow for two. Eli strikes, Ken returns the favor before Eli drop toe holds Ken onto the bottom rope. Eli hits a flying should tackle off the apron for two. Eli continues to keep Anderson grounded.

Eli connects with a swinging neckbreaker for two once more. Drake cinches in a chin lock. Two both get to a vertical base and they exchange punches back and forth. Ken strikes back repeatedly before Eli feeds him a knee. Ken jabs away at Eli before he hits a neckbreaker of his own. Ken Anderson hits a big steamroller for a very close fall.

Eli goes for a Gravy Train but Ken tries to roll him up for two. Eli runs and leaps to catch Ken on the top rope, but Ken flips over for a sunset flip powerbomb, Eli just plants himself down on top of Anderson good enough for the three count and the opening match victory.

WINNER: Eli Drake

Nick Aldis is announced for a ringside interview with David Marquez. To many NWA was a thing of the past, Aldis says, but when it looks like all hope was lost, until that one voice from Texas said that this was his mountain top. Now people from all around the world are watching him and James Storm battle for the one, true Worlds Championship. HIm and Storm have the chance to live forever.

Out comes James Storm and he tells Aldis straight up that Marquez will be announcing The Bearded Outlaw as the NWA Worlds Champion. He’ll also be saying “sorry about your damn luck.”

Tasha Steelez vs. Thunder Rosa

Before the match Tasha goes to talk to Marquez. She says finally there is some flavor in the NWA and she says it’s so fitting that she brings the Latina heat.