Liv Morgan On ‘Unusual’ Viral Video: ‘It Was Not What It Appeared’

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UPGRADE x 2: As a number of you understand by now, a current video of Liv Morgan and WWE SVP Justin Scalise at a New York Knicks has actually gone viral, with the WWE Superstar appearing to brush Scalise off as he was speaking with her.

In a look on Wednesday’s episode of WWE’s “The Bump,” Liv Morgan confessed that the occurrence was “strange,” and states Scalise has actually been a “terrific sport” about it. She stated,

” I have many ideas, many things I wish to state. What an unusual minute. It’s so unusual to me what goes viral and what does not. I wish to state that we had no concept we were going to be recorded. We had no concept the cam was on us, which does not excuse anything.”

She continued, ” That is Justin Scalise, who operates at WWE. He’s extraordinary. He was discussing something to me and I was seeing the video game and I was listening however deep in my head, believing my own ideas, in my own world, so uninformed that this was being shot. My phone was exploding and I see this video. ‘Oh my gosh, Justin, I’m so sorry.’ He’s been such a terrific sport about it. It’s the most unusual weirdest thing. Let’s state I was neglecting him, it is females’s history month and we have each and every single right [chuckles] It’s not what it appeared like, however it was odd it spread out the manner in which it did. It was not what it appeared.”

< iframe loading=" lazy" title =" Lita, Liv Morgan and Trish Stratus: WWE's The Bump, March 8, 2023" src="" width="645" height=" 360 "frameborder=" 0 "allowfullscreen=" allowfullscreen" > UPDATE: As we reported last night here on eWn, a video of Liv Morgan at a current New York Knicks video game just recently went viral. In an upgrade on the initial story( see listed below), the unknown male who was seen being overlooked by Liv Morgan is WWE Senior Vice President of Live Events, Justin Scalise. Scalise accompanied Liv Morgan to the video game to assist promote WWE’s upcoming Madison Square Garden occasion on March 12.

Fightful is reporting that there were a great deal of easy going jokes about the video going viral. There are numerous who think it’s been working to benefit WWE with the quantity of views it’s gotten up until now.

ORIGINAL: As one of WWE’s most popular Superstars, Liv Morgan is no complete stranger to trending on Twitter, however just recently, her name spread on social networks for an uncomfortable minute out of the ring.

Today, Morgan went to the New York Knicks video game versus the Charlotte Hornets and while on-air, the previous SmackDown Women’s Champion was more thinking about the court than what the individual beside her was stating.

< script async src=" "charset=" utf-8" > This clip has actually reached over 2.3 million views, with fans reacting on Twitter, as seen in the tweets listed below.

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< img src="" alt="" class=" wp-smiley" design=" height: 1em; max-height: 1em;"/ >< img src="" alt="" class=" wp-smiley" design=" height: 1em; max-height: 1em;"/ >– Denise ' Hollywood ' Salcedo (@_denisesalcedo) March 8, 2023< script async src="" charset=" utf-8" > Morgan’s name trended on Twitter after the exchange, and Liv saw the amusing side of this uncomfortable interaction and the reactions from fans. Y’ ALL< img src="" alt="" class=" wp-smiley" design= "height: 1em; max-height: 1em;"/ >— LIV Morgan (@YaOnlyLivvOnce) March 8, 2023< script async src="" charset= "utf-8" > Morgan is not presently validated to be completing at WWE WrestleMania 39, which will happen next month. The post Liv Morgan On ‘ Bizarre’ Viral Video

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