Lita Talks Women’s Wrestling, If Kayfabe Will Ruin Her WWE Relationship

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Lita Talks Women’s Wrestling, If Kayfabe Will Ruin Her WWE Relationship

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Sports Illustrated recently caught up with Lita, who is promoting her Kickstarter for a new wrestling show called Kayfabe. She spoke about why there needs to be a new women’s promotion, her relationship with WWE, and her Royal Rumble 2018 gear.

Check out highlights below:

Why there needs to be a promotion by women for women:

Women have been getting so many more opportunities in the ring, and that’s been beautiful to see. But it’s still all run by men, and we want to present our world and our journey through the lens of women. We want to give a realistic approach of what it’s like through our eyes.

On putting #TimesUp on her Royal Rumble 2018 gear:

To be fair, I was never told not to wear it. It was actually Chris Jericho who told me, “Always ask for forgiveness instead of permission.” I wanted my shirt to be a support of any woman mistreated in any way, no matter where they are in the journey. People are in different places with whatever their journey entails. Some choose to stay quiet; some people want to come out. None of those scenarios are wrong.

If Kayfabe will force WWE to cut ties with her:

Our goal is to actually make progress and make this business better. I would like to think they’re business-minded and can see that. This project means so much to me, so whatever it takes, I want to make this project work. I can’t spend time worrying about making someone mad. We’re making decisions for the purity of this project and to make it happen. These are conversations that need to happen in wrestling in order for us to move forward. While they could not like it, I’m hoping they are proud of us as business people.

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