List Of Most Requested Changes To WWE 2K Series Revealed

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List Of Most Requested Changes To WWE 2K Series Revealed

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As recently reported, 2K announced that they will not be releasing an installment of the 2K series this year and will instead release an arcade style supernatural game called WWE Battlegrounds.

2K has recently opened up their forums to fan feedback and suggestions just as they do every year. Each and every year the company promises that they are listening to the feedback and implementing changes but it has become clear to many fans that it simply isn’t true. WWE 2K20 was arguably their worst effort ever.

Patrick Gilmore, one of the producers for WWE 2K, has compiled a chart of the most requested features from fans. Since thousands of submissions come in every year, it can be hard for fans to determine which features/changes were the most requested. It appears that this year, Gilmore and 2K are serious about these submissions in what may be their last chance to create a simulation-style WWE video game.

The chart, which you can see below, clearly names ‘GM Mode’ as the most requested feature. Last seen in WWE video games back in 2008, it has been the most requested feature for almost five years now but has never made its way back into the game.

Next up, ‘Create a Story’ mode. Last seen in WWE 2K14, it allowed users to create entire storylines and upload them to the community creations portal. It was seen as a glorified GM Mode to many that allowed players to create cutscenes, matches, interference, and more.

The third most requested feature was to add more match types, especially those that used to be in the game but were removed for some reason over the years. It is clear that the most requested things in a future game are things that used to be in the games but were removed. Some other things on the list include publishing live attire, video, music updates like NBA and NFL do, implementing custom music, adding more legends, and revamping the ‘Universe Mode’.

For those of you that played 2K20 and past installments, what changes do you think should be made to a future game that would persuade you to purchase it? Let us know in the comments below.

One week in on #WWE2K20 feedback—interesting to see the results stacking up. Have a look—you might need a magnifying glass!

— Patrick Gilmore (@MrEpilog) May 15, 2020

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