Lio Rush On ‘Not Feeling’ WWE, Whether He Sees WrestleMania Happening

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Lio Rush On ‘Not Feeling’ WWE, Whether He Sees WrestleMania Happening

lio rush

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Lio Rush is one of many behind the scenes at WWE who’s unsure about the short term outlook of the company’s wrestling events. Talking with Forbes recently, he said that he doesn’t see WrestleMania continuing on as scheduled. “I don’t think it’s the smartest thing in the world. Plus I know that the whole ban—[Florida’s] ban—is in effect right now. And I know a lot of fans, especially during WrestleMania, they come out from all over the world.”

Even if it does go on as planned, Lio stated that he’s not comfortable wrestling during the pandemic. “Just because how the situation has kind of flared up, and the little amount of time it has [flared up], I just don’t think it’s smart. I dunno. I just feel like all of the wrestlers, and the production crew and just everybody involved are coming from different states, and coming from different countries, and travel through airports and being in contact with everybody. So, yeah, I definitely…I don’t feel comfortable with the whole idea of it.”

Of course, it’s possible he won’t be wrestling for much longer in any capacity. After a back and forth with WWE where he was taken off TV for month, Lio seems ready to go into business for himself in another career. “I really don’t know what is next for me other than continuing to push my music. I dunno, wrestling-wise I just gotta see where the cards are kinda dealt in my favor and just seeing where I stand in WWE. It’s a rough time for me right now, especially with everything that I’ve gone through in the company and coming back and…yeah, I’m not—I’m just not feeling it right now. I’m just trying to focus on my music.”

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