Lio Rush: I’m Willing To Face Laredo Kid Again, The Ending Of The First Match Was A Mistake

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Lio Rush: I’m Willing To Face Laredo Kid Again, The Ending Of The First Match Was A Mistake

MLW/AAA title match

Image Credit: Major League Wrestling

Major League Wrestling and Lucha Libre AAA reportedly aren’t quite on the same page.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer previously reported that the interpromotional title match between MLW’s Lio Rush and AAA’s Laredo Kid ended with a significant miscommunication that resulted in Rush winning the match and the title. He noted that subsequently, the promotions had planned for Laredo Kid to take the title back from Rush in Mexico, but they’ve been unable to book this contest due to Rush’s schedule.

In an episode of his podcast, Keepin’ It 100 with Konnan, the AAA legend argued that MLW has been misusing, and even damaging, Laredo Kid. He revealed that Rush has indeed dropped the title to Laredo Kid in a match that has been taped, but it has not aired yet because AAA hasn’t announced the bout yet. (H/T Jeremy Lambert of Fightful.)

“At the end of the day, we decided to do a series between Lio Rush and Laredo Kid,” said Konnan. “He went over there and [Lio beat him], then Lio went to Mexico and in some TV tapings that we had, [Lio] lost the title, but we haven’t shown that match. The problem is, we need to announce it before the match goes out because he’s showing up with his belt everywhere and people are confused.”

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Rush offered his perspective, saying that he’s perfectly willing to do the rematch, as he and Konnan shared the mindset that the ending of the first match was a mistake. But Rush alleged that, in private text messages, Konnan pointed to his reputation, which has been questionable in the past.

Rush claimed that his schedule wasn’t the reason why the companies have been unable to work out a date for the title match. When Rush rejected the story that the referee in the initial match simply made a mistake, AAA simply proceeded as if Laredo Kid had never lost the AAA Cruiserweight Champion

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