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These authentic wrestler are fabulous!! Wrestling followers all the map in which via the corner all the map in which via the enviornment i'm dan marotti and right here is the actual person of the hour leo flee let me deliver you one thing you had your aew dynamite tonight you had the wwe nxt now it's time for wrestling insiders flee hour wrestling followers the 9th annual paul bearer vacation headlocks toy force .

Explodes into christmas with 12 featured celebrity friends we are able to't lift you a live wrestling tournament attributable to coveted restrictions but we'll be bringing you a series of cyber autograph signings and meet and greets this sunday night at some stage in wwe's farewell to the undertaker at survivor sequence .

Be a part of outmoded wwe intercontinental and tag group champion marty jannetty for a live cyber autograph signing and look along you never know what to request with marty live fetch a custom-made autograph from marty gianetti signed live to suppose the tale the air and mailed to your residence be a part of us now via mid-december .

Is the superstars relief us proceed our mission to update santa claus's gps to hunt down every child's residence this christmas attach smiles on faces while honoring pallbearer's memory vip applications are peaceable out there don't difficulty if you happen to've missed the live celebrity signing .

Each and every star is signing ample photos and posters while they're in boston to possess vip applications via december the 19th whether or no longer for your wrestling sequence or to give us a vacation gift if you happen to're going to purchase segment in any toy force this year please relief our ninth annual pallbearer .

Holiday headlocks toy force seek the advice of with and our social media platforms for full tournament and toy force info right here is mick foley right here is harley bustle right here is shelton benjamin right here is mr favorable automobile lauren door .

That is the monster abyss right here is daniel bryan right here is jbl and you're staring on the mwf be there live wrestling followers right here is dan verratti along with my very long time shut personal fair correct friend mr leo flee .

What what time is it neatly it appears to be like fancy it's flee hour to me and it is it's wednesday nights extra or less a night you're extra or less conversant in 10 p.m the lights admire long gone out at daley's articulate in jacksonville and the capitol wrestling center and now it's time for uh .

Small leo flee child it took us a while to rep this together yeah we tried all summer with ravishing schedules and you are a actually busy man yeah that's real i strive to be i strive to be i deliver you this i've if you happen to can admire no longer been following what we're doing with the ninth annual pallbearer vacation .

Headlocks toy force cyber toy force if you happen to will head on over to we now admire 12 featured superstars including this gentleman they're going to relief santa claus update his gps to hunt down every child this year in honor of this man in honor of this man ball bearer .

Who we fancy we omit each day but we don't want to head in that direction we're right here to focus on about leo i guess i admire mentioned it outdated to and that i've mentioned it again there were a amount of things mentioned about this man when he used to be in wwe a amount of things mentioned about him when he left wwe .

I didn't fancy it on legend of i know him in my opinion he's an trusty human being what he's performed to purchase a behold at and relief this toy force give him the total credit on the earth for that on legend of no longer handiest does he admire this no longer handiest does he admire the athletic potential within the squared circle but he's got this real right here he's got a .

Beating heart that cares and that i want to deliver his legend leo the starting up rep i mean deliver us a pair of young leo flee or as i met you relief in 2015 if you first reached out to me lie green yeah lie green i knew you used to be lie i didn't know you used to be leo yeah now let me predict you this no longer even on .

The sheep conclude you where conclude you fling by now conclude you fling by leo conclude you fling by lie uh i am going by neatly comic part i admire um i admire so many folks in my existence and in various areas of my existence precisely from from followers to pals to family .

Contributors and so all of them admire their very possess title for me i know fancy when i used to be a teenager all of my you understand my my shut pals will call me lie uh after all my my dad and mom and my sisters will call me lionel and um when when i'm wrestling you understand folks fancy to call me call me leo even .

With tune folks call me leo so yeah where did leo advance from i don't even know so leo ravishing lio those are the first uh the first three letters of my title um but at what point did you trade on legend of you were working as ly green when we first met it ravishing didn't sound real yeah it ravishing .

Didn't it ravishing rolled up yeah it didn't roll off the tongue it didn't sound real to squawk uh so that you understand i used to be ravishing my loyal title i used to be fancy man conclude i want to use lionel conclude i want to use fancy li it didn't sound fancy a tough fancy wrestling no lionel wouldn't work so i used to be .

I was uh i used to be you understand the first three letters of my title and that i repeatedly cherished how uh comic loopy part um real fair correct friend of mine now ach i used to be his title and it mentioned a c h and it used to be ravishing three letters and that i used to be fancy .

Man that's so straightforward it's wintry sounds fancy a superhero after which i used to be fancy my title and that i used to be attempting to appear for if i will conclude the three-letter part and conclude fancy lio and that i used to be fancy ah it's too equivalent to ach after which i used to be ravishing fancy what can i conclude and that i used to be ravishing it and that i used to be asserting fancy .

Lio but then i used to be fancy leo leo leo leo i kept asserting fancy leo but then i ravishing spelt it with the study about so fancy that's various fancy they're tremendous abnormal yeah yeah and uh yeah i ravishing caught creativity i repeatedly focus on about that now what about flee so flee came from my coach uh neatly one in all my trainers .

Out of out of three in actuality out of 4 um he he came up with the title flee on legend of i used to be repeatedly uh i used to be so right here is comic so three various reasons why my final title used to be flee uh one on legend of when i used to be fancy tremendous green within the industry i used to be repeatedly i used to be too posthaste he fancy my coach would .

Repeatedly deliver me to lifeless down lifeless down so uh yeah so being tremendous green uh that's the reason my title is flee the 2d reason is on legend of um naturally i used to be ravishing fancy posthaste fancy within the ring um and he used to be equivalent to you understand flee is .

Reasonably wintry after which three um he used to be asserting i used to be repeatedly in a flee to fancy development fancy within the wrestling within the wrestling industry and that i used to be repeatedly willing to study and prepared to conclude this and that and that and that so uh i i felt fancy and he felt fancy flee used to be .

The loyal final title for me wintry and it equivalent to you mentioned it rolls off the tongue now yeah lie green ample it nearly sounds fancy an enhancement info you understand leo flee that's no longer the pizzazz yeah precisely so that you're a baltimore guy deliver us about what existence used to be fancy as a child in baltimore .

About a of your early reminiscences of wrestling so so existence and that i wouldn't declare baltimore despite the indisputable truth that i am from maryland um from baltimore i'm a bit of nearer on the dc aspect i'm peaceable in maryland but i'm ravishing no longer in baltimore i'm fancy nearer to dc oh all real i’d also handiest .

Sail by the tip planet yeah so so um you understand rising up in in maryland and d.c it used to be uh it used to be i wouldn't declare it used to be onerous ravishing on legend of you understand i wasn't in southeast dc i wasn't born and and that i i didn't you understand develop up fancy on on the streets of .

Southeast per se i used to be raised in d.c i went relief and forth loads from where where i'm from in maryland and and and where my family used to be living in in southeast dc so i did behold the onerous times uh and difficulties of of being in southeast dc um it's a tough .

It's a tough direct to fetch via it's a tough articulate to fetch out of and um you understand wrestling used to be used to be one thing that i seen as an outlet it used to be one thing that i enjoyed staring at and gave me joy and it gave me happiness um and that i ravishing naturally i ravishing fancy ravishing it ravishing attracted me you understand at such a .

Early age and it caught fancy blue since i used to be you understand 5 years used except now um yeah wrestling you understand i wouldn't declare it saved my existence nonetheless it gave me a motive it gave me a direction to to uh to practice in declare to be where i am this day conclude that you might maybe admire one or two early reminiscences of .

The first part you seen on wrestling i admire two quick-witted from 1986 when i watched as a bit of guy what are your first reminiscences of you seeing wrestling on tv and be fancy wow my two real off the soar the first two things i pop in my head when i have in mind seeing as a child .

Used to be rikishi doing the stink face uh and that i have in mind him doing the stink face the booker t and he fancy threw up fancy when he announced desk on and on to michael cole on smackdown on upn uh or it used to be at america the time upn yeah upn and um i have in mind .

Staring at jeff hardy's entrance i cherished staring at jeff hardy's entrance i didn't even care about jeff hardy's match i wouldn't i wouldn't even care if i would admire ravishing seen his entrance it will most likely maybe well admire made my day he passe to continually advance out with various hair various colored uh face paint yeah .

Devour the glow within the shadowy you understand uh wrist tassels and stuff fancy that so yeah those are my two two quick-witted reminiscences of russell those are your first two reminiscences that extra or less will you so that you were extra or less a smackdown child uh yeah on legend of that's on legend of um we didn't admire cable we didn't admire a cable neatly i would .

Cloak that rising up and that i have in mind smackdown used to be on fancy total you understand ample so i would never i wouldn't look you understand i didn't even know uncooked existed in a sense uh so yeah so let me predict you this your mates i imagine they're into faith they're gospel singers and .

What did they mediate of their minute lionel falling in admire with rikishi placing his ass in e book of dee's face and a extra or less an eccentric jeff hardy you understand i mediate my dad and mom they uh they were ravishing elated that i chanced on one thing to purchase me on legend of i grew up in a .

House with uh with uh four other siblings so it used to be repeatedly busy within the residence so i mediate they ravishing were you understand they were elated and elated that i i seen one thing i cherished it and it ravishing kept me occupied within the residence and that i mediate they they never gave me any crap .

About you understand i know a amount of folks don't fancy the the young folks staring at fancy physical things fancy on tv but my dad and mom you understand they didn't care my dad used to be a used to be an athlete he used to be within the navy my mom came from that equal background so they didn't um at what point did you fling from asserting .

You understand what jesus is awesome i actually fancy staring at friday night smackdown to suppose you understand what i want to purchase this physique and that i in point of fact want to conclude this yeah at what point did that you might maybe admire that time of see on your mind um at a young age if you were a teenager .

I mediate you understand i first time i watched wrestling when i used to be 5 years used same age as me yeah but when i you understand i didn't i didn't know that it used to be ravishing one thing that you might maybe maybe maybe well also conclude i ravishing started with one thing wintry on tv i didn't know that that can even very neatly be fancy somebody's job you understand being so young um but when i grew to change into about .

Perchance fancy 10 12 years used i uh one thing hit me i used to be ravishing fancy man i want to hunt down out the trend to fetch into this i want to conclude all the things that i maybe can to purchase a behold at to make this you understand a actuality so we obviously real now as i've eminent .

Earlier than i mediate you're one in all essentially the most inspiring athletes in authentic wrestling as we take a seat right here in 2020 were you into other sports if you were a child did you play sports in highschool oh yeah i used to be i used to be sports all year spherical i um i will't have in mind a length of time in my existence .

Devour in its entirety where i used to be no longer playing a sport what were you playing um so i used to be carefully interested by baseball articulate uh pitch so i used to be all the map in which via the articulate i used to be all the map in which via the articulate so um i mediate i performed every articulate as adverse to for catcher in first frightful .

Because i didn't admire those long fingers i wasn't massive yeah so i i wasn't a uh i’d also behold you as a 2d baseman or a center fielder i used to be i don't know how colossal you were as a child but real now i used to be center self-discipline and that i used to be uh i used to be um between fancy short stop and third frightful ravishing on legend of i used to be so quick you understand the .

Hot articulate used to be on third frightful so i used to be repeatedly getting those fancy floor balls and stuff fancy that so those are those were my fling-to positions and you furthermore might maybe mentioned you performed soccer what up soccer i used to be running relief in soccer i performed that yeah i performed uh the total components up except i got to high .

College so from age 5 to 14 i performed soccer but um soccer season used to be the same extra or less year time all the map in which via the year where amateur wrestling used to be so i also performed oh i didn't play but i amateur wrestled in highschool um i performed basketball .

Nonetheless when i got older i ravishing got uh i ended rising so i ended playing basketball but you performed hoops too yeah i used to be i used to be and and surprisingly you understand i used to be actually i used to be actually real in all in all of these sports um but you understand amateur wrestling ravishing you understand caught to me the .

Most so at what point did you place ample i actually fancy smackdown right here is one thing i'm actually in how did you study that you understand there are wrestling faculties to head to to practice at or there are unbiased wrestling promotions that aren't on tv .

Since you understand what it it doesn't hit you real away i have in mind as a bit of kid i didn't know that unbiased wrestling existed i didn't know there were wrestling faculties at some stage within the 80s and early 90s train at one point there were about 15 to 20 various month-to-month wrestling magazines that came out .

I got a magazine within the relief there used to be an ad for a e book that talked regarding the trend to fetch trained in authentic wrestling enter into authentic wrestling and comic ample it used to be written by two those who performed a colossal segment in my existence dennis brent who used to be uh jr's assistant talent .

Uh kinfolk in wwe and this guy when he used to be percy pringle the two of them wrote a e book and that i admire to were within the seventh grade or so and that's when i discovered there were these faculties theories these unbiased promotions and that i used to be you understand wow right here is right here’s what i desire i knew .

From the first time i went to an tournament on the boston garden i desired to struggle at one point but i mean behold at this physique now might maybe maybe maybe well also you imagine but i repeatedly knew i knew from the young age i needed the industry i didn't desire the leisure as adverse to wrestling were you ever in that mindset .

Or did you ever admire other aspirations used to be it repeatedly wrestling i mean it wrestling used to be repeatedly one thing that i desired to realize nonetheless it wasn't the ideal part that i desired to realize uh you understand i repeatedly plan about it repeatedly .

You understand mentioned to myself i want to make it to you understand i want to make it to the tip i want to make it to wwe but you understand i also mentioned to myself you understand i want to be an actor you understand i also mentioned to myself you understand i want to be a musician so there's a amount of you understand things that that i've desired to .

Form since i used to be minute it wasn't repeatedly wrestling but wrestling used to be the principle focal point ravishing on legend of i had that pleasure and that constructed and all that uh you understand create up since i used to be you understand 5 years used within the moment there's no energy fancy it yeah you might maybe maybe maybe well also very neatly be a musician and form .

Elephantine tune you might maybe maybe maybe be ready to even be an actor and form a high-quality movie nonetheless it takes time to rep that compilation together in authentic wrestling i don't want to deliver you yeah i mean that energy hits and it is it hits it's live there isn’t any such thing as a carve there isn’t any such thing as a stop neatly now they conclude a pair of .

Cinematic matches but used authentic wrestling it is that energy that lives in you yeah so how did you come all the map in which via us fling about finding a college to be trained at uh yeah i didn't so i'll back down ravishing a bit of bit but when i used to be 16 years used i in point of fact known as the .

Company amount for wwe did you real yeah i did um i know i mentioned this i mediate i mentioned this one on a pair of interviews outdated to nonetheless it's ravishing repeatedly so loopy to me that you keep in mind that used to be an trusty part fancy i known as i have in mind fancy being on help i have in mind .

Devour were they playing theme songs they were playing songs uh i have in mind fancy sitting and that i didn't deliver my dad and mom that i used to be that i did it i used to be sitting at my uh i'm sitting on the computer within the lounge uh on that aol dial up researching researching yeah yeah yeah researching .

Wwe's cell phone amount and stuff fancy that and that i known as i ended up getting attach on help it used to be paying attention to that theme tune this theme songs and that i ravishing i didn't know what to i ravishing requested how used conclude or no longer it goes to be principal to be to be within the wwe fancy authentic arts in wwe .

And i don't know if this used to be honest i didn't know you understand what it used to be but ravishing the indisputable truth that they mentioned oh to safe to be 18 years used and that i used to be ravishing fancy ample no were you 18 at this point no i used to be 16 when i known as yeah after which um when i used to be 17 years used .

I i seen that there used to be a coaching college in maryland um how did you come all the map in which via that on-line on-line yep i chanced on that on-line uh i ended up going there uh and signal up for for the college or i desired to signal up but my dad you understand drove me there he desired to verify out you understand what the college .

Used to be about so um we seen uh what the college used to be about i imagine it used to be known as gilberg oh gilbert yeah yeah yeah and uh talked to him mentioned we were going to be relief the following week to uh fancy signal the papers and fancy pay to fancy .

Open coaching on the college on legend of i mediate that you might maybe maybe maybe well also very neatly be fancy 16 with parental consent and uh we ended up going there the following week tried to launch up the door and it used to be locked ended up checking out a pair of days later that somebody died fancy on the college fancy one in all the .

College students it's trainee yeah actually yeah i don't know what precisely came about but he ended up fancy demise within the ring wow uh so college closed down and um i used to be extra or less sol for for a year that you didn't attach down any money did you no no i didn't attach out any money um but yeah i .

Had that that uh i used to be infected when i used to be 17 years used disappointment yes yeah dissatisfied for a full year um started coming to terms with you understand i used to be a senior in highschool um used to be about to admire my first child so loopy um and used to be attempting to you were in highschool if you had the .

First one uh yeah neatly actually uh yeah yeah used to be she somebody you went to university with yep yep and that i didn't place you were that young yeah as soon as i graduated a week later he used to be born wow yeah wow that's rather a legend now as .

A 17 18 year used leo how conclude you form out existence having to difficulty regarding the lovie of existence on your fingers and giving him the correct existence doubtless yeah i used to be contemplating it used to be a tough time you understand it used to be it used to be very tough i used to be contemplating on .

Whether or no longer i desired to head to university whether or no longer i desired to purchase a behold at to fetch a job whether or no longer i desired to uh fling to a movie college on legend of i used to be moderately um you understand i had a a high-quality hobby and a fondness for fancy filmmaking so i used to be i used to be attempting to determine if i desired to conclude that or if i used to be fancy conclude i ravishing fling to the navy after which i .

Ended up actually asserting you understand what screw it i'm ravishing gonna you understand fling to the navy on legend of i knew that i had advantages and that i knew that you understand it will most likely maybe well be ready to fancy purchase care of my family and stuff fancy that after which final minute i extra or less fancy chickened out ended up uh going to fleshy flee university .

Yeah yeah yeah but then a year in to fleshy flee on legend of segment of the reason i went to for sale used to be no longer handiest on legend of i used to be into film and that i used to be learning cinematography but that used to be the same year 2013 i imagine when the efficiency center unfolded .

And i plan that the efficiency center used to be this colossal wrestling college that anyone might maybe maybe maybe well also fling to fancy a colossal coaching center and that i used to be fancy oh at final i will at final fling to a restaurant in florida yeah ample i will at final fling to a .

Wrestling college and that i will conclude video on the same time so uh when i chanced on out that you understand the efficiency center wasn't ravishing a college for anybody it extra or less you understand it made me that they needed to advance to you yeah it used to be ravishing it used to be disappointing and it used to be extra or less a letdown and it unhappy .

Me a bit of bit from even attempting to be at fleshy flee so i ended up dropping by the wayside of for sale after which i went relief home but then i chanced on out that there used to be a brand new coaching college in maryland that ravishing unfolded known as mcw coaching center and that i ended up signing up to mcw .

Coaching center after which that's how the the plug started did you graduate from fleshy flee i didn't i ended up dropping by the wayside on legend of it ravishing unhappy it actually i used to be i used to be so ravishing defeated on legend of ravishing in my head i used to be fancy man right here is it fancy no longer handiest conclude i fetch to be .

In florida but i fetch to be in a wrestling college and that i fetch to you understand look for film so it used to be ravishing you intend you had the existence yeah yeah did that you might maybe admire the minute guy with you uh on the time um on the time he used to be staying with my dad and mom .

So he used to be relief in maryland yeah ample yeah yeah focal point on college yeah yeah but real there that's tough yeah it used to be it wasn't it wasn't straightforward at all it used to be no longer an effortless part and but thank god you understand i i had family and pals that ravishing supported me so mighty and no longer handiest did they fortify me they ravishing believed in me .

So mighty you understand they they can also behold how unfriendly i needed it they they seen the total work that i attach in and so they ravishing knew that in some unspecified time in the future that i would make it so they uh they took on that responsibility of you understand you understand serving to to search out for my my toddler um while i used to be attempting to make .

Some things happen and thank god it you understand grew to change into out in my desire oh that's unprecedented that you had that fortify arrangement spherical you a mountainous amount of folks don't yeah you understand but again to be a long way from the toddler and so that you came relief man so what did you imagine of at final hitting the squared .

Circle while you signed up with the mcw college oh fancy right here is it right here is right here is my mark what used to be your plan the first time your physique went in that ring that i belonged you felt at home yeah i felt fancy i've already been in that ring did you yeah that's awesome yeah yeah so i got .

To predict a request that i actually don't want to but i extra or less want to on legend of it's segment of your career how did you in finding a gentleman for the first time named patrick clock i am even coming out of my mouth it sounds unlawful but i want to predict .

Yeah um so patrick used to be in college on the time and my dad uh he has a a firm known as wbgr sports community and he on the time used to be going to various faculties and talking at various faculties and attempting to hunt down interns and stuff fancy that .

So in some unspecified time in the future my dad went to patrick's college and and spoke within the category that he used to be in and my dad used to be talking about me um and asserting how his son desired to be a authentic wrestler and he persevered on with the with the lecture and stuff fancy that .

After which as he used to be leaving patrick ran and extra or less chased my dad down and used to be fancy howdy fancy i heard that you understand you mentioned that you had a son that used to be in fancy wrestling being authentic wrestler and so they got into a conversation and patrick ended up telling my dad that he used to be you understand attempting to be a authentic .

Wrestler and he had ravishing chanced on out about this college mcw coaching center and uh requested my dad you understand if i knew about it my dad after all mentioned no um so he used to be fancy uh right here's my son's amount give him a call and uh expectantly you understand .

That'll that'll you understand spark one thing so uh i guess the next day to come patching up calling me um we ended up meeting up uh comic part we went to fancy an ihop fancy real down the avenue from a residence uh we were ravishing fancy talking about you understand um all admire for wrestling and stuff fancy that .

And mentioned that you understand the launch residence is fancy in fancy a pair of weeks and we ended up you understand going to the launch residence fancy together and yeah so i moderately mighty knew about mcw on legend of of patrick on legend of he chased my dad down within the automobile automobile parking space .

Oh patrick i deliver you neatly for followers that are in attending to hold a young velveteen dream we in point of fact admire a moderately wintry interview on the youtube channel you were right here for it relief in 2015 real after he competed on tough ample this used to be pre velveteen dream sadly things with the dream didn't fling neatly with me .

Nonetheless i'll assign that for my shoot interview about oh patrick i mediate that thank you buddy i wish he didn't get your father i don't know man it's it's it's all it's all it's all a uncommon you understand direct you understand .

Used to be he an trusty fair correct friend to you relief then or used to be it an acquaintance after all you were real pals yeah yeah i would you understand i would fling to the hyperlinks to asserting that he used to be fancy a brother to me truthfully truthfully yeah um sadly you understand when all that news extra or less extra or less broke i haven't i haven't spoken .

To them since you haven't got any instagram messages from them nothing that's doubtlessly for them nothing at all nothing at all oh i deliver you these exhibits the trend they flip but i want to talk one thing principal real now i didn't even know this except one in all the followers we now admire .

After we now admire our live premieres at night we now admire a amount of tremendous followers that soar in on the chat slick rick uh tina maria davis he's a married man fetch your mind out of the gutter the total kevins that be a part of us ken lawson if he behaves himself we now admire rather a crew that repeatedly be a part of us for the live .

Premieres but one cupcake's houseman she informed me which you might maybe admire a actually one in all your tattoos has a it's nearly is it a poem or one thing i desire you to deliver the legend on legend of i don't want to focus on but i mean is it's a dedication to a sibling that you misplaced yeah yeah yeah .

What is that uh so my um my mom informed me so i grew up with you understand four sisters i admire four sisters oh my god yeah you wished god yeah and my uh my mom informed me that i had a brother uh on my first day of highschool um yeah i don't know what sparked the .

Conversation but she informed me that i had a brother i mediate i mentioned you understand i wish i had a brother to fancy advance with me fancy my first day of highschool after which she fancy ravishing busted out and mentioned you understand you in actuality had a brother and that i used to be ravishing fancy what after which she used to be .

Devour yeah you handed away at a terribly young age actually and that i used to be ravishing fancy oh wow that's loopy so all day my first day of highschool i'm smitten by fancy this brother that i never met what a day to deliver you and uh i turn out getting relief home she exhibits me this box uh fleshy of stuff .

That she fancy kept assemble had a full bunch of various things in it then she attach out a poem that she wrote relief in 1997 uh that used to be uh devoted to my brother lorenzo when he handed away and that i ended up reading it and that i ravishing have in mind ravishing extra or less fancy .

Being in shock fancy it used to be uncommon fancy rising up with four sisters and ravishing being spherical ladies folks for that long and thinking that i had a brother and thinking you understand all the things ravishing started you understand you understand rolling via my mind equivalent to you understand i wonder how various this .

Would were if i had a brother i wonder you know the trend my existence would be now if i had a brother and uh that poem ravishing ended up you understand sticking with me and the next week i ended up getting it tattooed on my belly while you were in highschool while i .

Used to be in highschool actually that's no longer at their licensed guidelines in opposition to there i don't know i don't know doubtlessly doubtlessly um but you understand i received't declare who did it and that i didn't i didn't deliver my mom i didn't i didn't deliver my dad and mom um that i used to be getting it um but yeah i used to be 15 i used to be 15 and it used to be my first tattoo on .

My belly yeah in declare that is a high-quality dedication and that i deliver you this you understand expectantly this doesn't fling within the harmful direction but i'm a non secular particular person and that i guess you he's been with you on a amount of your adventures oh i know i know yes i positively .

Uh i positively know he has there's no components that i would were ready to fetch via the entire things that i've uh that i've gotten via um if there wasn't somebody staring at over me and it's tremendous that you in point of fact feel that yeah you understand what it is you understand what i mean and the you understand right here is a wrestling talk reward but you .

Know we're talking real existence real now ravishing to admire that feeling to hold which you might maybe admire that spirit it's nearly fancy a blanket nearly yeah you understand what i mean there are times i mediate pallbearer is peaceable spherical you understand i'd no longer to fetch too deep into discussion about him but you understand he he mentioned outdated to he considered me fancy a son .

And he used to be such a high-quality relief even times when he used to be in wwe when he needed to leave wrestling to return into mortuary science used to be his wife used to be demise of cancer and he wished neatly being insurance protection that wrestling wouldn't present which is disgusting but that's a sure legend for a sure time .

He used to be ravishing such a high-quality relief to us and there were times generally the lights will flicker in right here and that i ravishing mediate you understand what he's [ __ ] with me you understand he's ribbing me but with you it's various you understand it will most likely maybe well were an older brother i imagine um .

No he would were younger on legend of i used to be too young to even place you were actually actually young yeah yeah yeah yeah but that's extra or less wintry i guess is the correct components to yeah i guess you he's right here in spirit someplace with us now yeah staring at all those tremendous promo those .

Million greenback promos yeah yeah and again i got to fetch personal with you on legend of we wrap up the first episode of this sequence you've discussed that you had and right here is deep to me i know you've had uh discussions with the president of the millennium wrestling federation dr david reese but .

Outside of authentic wrestling he’s a renowned psychiatrist outdoors of san diego as neatly as within the northeast new england and long island he's out there he's a high-quality helpful resource to anyone that ever feels the want it no rate google them doctor david reese he's on social media and he has a domain ravishing a .

Elephantine good human being that's performed a amount of tremendous work i know in my opinion for a amount of the boys but you you've you've eminent that you had mental neatly being concerns yeah yeah yeah uh even you understand to this reward day you understand i brazenly declare you understand i peaceable admire my my demons that i fight with it you understand every .

Each and on each day basis um and that i strive no longer to skittish a long way from it ravishing on legend of there might maybe be such a high-quality target audience of folks uh that that that battle via the same part and that i actually feel fancy i'm in a articulate where um i must be you understand a spokes a spokesman and and and a .

Uh a purpose model and an suggest for for all of these those who fling battle via things fancy that uh ravishing on legend of you understand i've carried out so mighty at such a young age and if i will reward you understand folks in a equal mental articulate that you understand .

All of these objects are doubtless then you definately understand maybe that'll assign one existence maybe they'll assign two maybe they'll assign a thousand you understand you ravishing never know i respect you so mighty for having the gall having the i'll declare on the balls to take a seat down right here and declare that on video on legend of it's .

Embarrassing to a amount of those who they want to battle fancy that internally and it's no various than some other disease whether or no longer you behold at what i undergo from with crps it's no various than if you happen to fetch cancer or some other it's it's a disorder you understand it doesn't make you .

Various i guess maybe is the notice i'm attempting to hunt down and for you to advance out and focus on about that brazenly i guess you there are a amount of young folks at home that are depressed they advance from tough times that advance from single-family properties that were abused and whatnot and undergo from excessive despair .

And for you to advance out and talk fancy that you wants to be very ample with yourself i'm obvious your loved ones is yeah on legend of that's a tough part that's a tough part is there one thing that you conclude you imagine that caused it or is it ravishing one thing that ravishing extra or less .

Came with you being lionel green i mediate my existence modified drastically in such a brief length of time and there used to be a amount of things that i needed to adapt to and overcome when i used to be a teenager so posthaste uh and that i mediate it you understand i mediate that that messed me up i mediate .

And i mediate you understand uh i ravishing never had the time to to handle it you understand i i went real into parenthood you understand you didn't admire of mission to be a child yeah truthfully you didn't admire of mission to expertise that young manhood form time that i mediate .

All americans wants in existence to in point of fact change into the human being they're intended to be yeah you needed to purchase on that and that i hate to lift up linda marotti but you understand she used to be within the same boat she had her oh neatly no longer mine but her oldest one she had real out of highschool and she didn't admire of mission to be a .

Young woman she needed to change into a mom she wanted to be liable for a existence and that's a colossal direct to purchase on yeah especially at 18 years used 17 alternatively used you were when that came about yeah yeah yeah but i'm ravishing you understand and that's ample i mediate that's why i am .

Uh i'm i'm various in a amount of in a amount of systems that in loads and in a amount of systems that folks can't understand or they can't fetch a fetch of you understand there's repeatedly that stigma uh or or otherwise you keep in mind that confusion with folks asserting i am cocky uh .

And that my personality is fancy off-placing and that i'm no longer approachable and stuff fancy that and that i ravishing it ravishing never i never understood it you understand and that i repeatedly felt fancy there used to be one thing harmful with me on legend of of the trend that i .

Am um and it's ravishing you understand i i ravishing grew up i i needed to change into a man at a actually young age and before all the things it used to be tough to to rep and understand but you understand over time i ravishing you keep in mind that's that's who i am that's this right here is my existence now .

Uh and right here is doubtlessly why i proceed to admire extra young folks on legend of i ravishing advance to you understand the fetch and that i've ravishing advance to terms with things that i am a man and that i conclude admire a feeling oh you're proving it with the total young folks yeah and uh you understand i admire a family and that i admire a career and you understand even supposing i'm 26 years used you understand .

Reveal at your physique of existence at 20 seconds yeah you understand whatever yeah that's why i mediate this sequence goes to be so tremendous on legend of behold at your existence it's ravishing 26. yeah behold at behold at if you're going to be if you're in my age in 14 years how mighty extra you're going to realize .

It's actually unprecedented what you've performed already but how unfriendly did it fetch i mean you understand those internal struggles you're attempting to be a dad you're attempting to head to film college you're in a authentic wrestling career and on the internal you understand you're combating a war yeah you understand internally yeah how unfriendly did it fetch .

For you um it got to the point where i landed myself within the uh within the scientific institution for a pair of days i needed to turn out you understand spending some a while within the uh in a uh i don't even know what the hell to call it .

Nonetheless in total a keeping a keeping cell for those that are in risk for hurting themselves or other folks um so i mediate that used to be that used to be my that used to be my lowest point real there and that used to be when i used to be about that used to be when i used to be 20 years used ample yeah you were in .

Wrestling so i used to be wrestling no longer real all the map in which via the time i met you yeah wow yeah and that i wouldn't admire known it yeah i hate to predict it but did you ever admire recommendations of self-agonize oh no uh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you understand i strive it's repeatedly a uncommon part to focus on about but i mean fancy i mentioned fancy i fancy .

I fancy ravishing being launch i fancy being ravishing i equivalent to you understand telling folks the truth and on legend of that's that's what's going to make the variation if you happen to give everyone you understand the total dinky print they they can understand a bit of bit higher and there are going to be 12 year used followers .

That we know you from wwe that get this video on-line that might maybe maybe maybe be within the actual same boat you in point of fact feel the actual same components that can even very neatly be feeling so depressed that they’d maybe maybe well want to hurt themselves or conclude one thing drastic and you deliver on your legend that you might maybe maybe maybe be ready to admire these neatly being concerns .

That you might maybe maybe maybe be ready to conquer these neatly being concerns and that you might maybe maybe maybe well also get the tremendous success that you've chanced on even i don't know if you happen to peaceable fight them to this reward day i conclude it it's doubtless to fight via it yeah and again i right here is principal on a wrestling talk reward but dr david reese our president .

He is he works with many principal league sports franchises mental neatly being it's it's an trusty scenario and for leo to focus on so launch and truthfully i mediate he deserves the total respect on the earth for that and that i'm elated you're with us i'm elated that nothing you never went too a long way or the leisure in a unfriendly day .

Yeah motive we desire you you make authentic wrestling a larger articulate yeah if you happen to predict those kiddos i'm obvious that dad makes the enviornment a larger articulate yeah and you understand wrestling followers i deliver you this i mediate right here is a high-quality components to wrap up episode one i mean i don't know how we would also fling into a wrestling .

Conversation after this on this episode but i deliver you fancy i mentioned outdated to there were so many things mentioned about this guy when he used to be in wwe after wwe it bothered me on legend of i knew him in my opinion and that i desire him to be exposed for who he actually is and he's an trusty particular person with an trusty heart .

As we wrap up the reward followers again don't neglect the ninth annual paul undergo headlocks cyber toy force is underway purchase a behold on the tremendous checklist of legends and superstars that are going to be doing cyber signings if you happen to haven't got the vip package but if you happen to missed leo live relief on november Fifth don't difficulty .

He signed the posters within the photos we are able to connect within the vip package we got the mega raffle going on so many systems we are able to honor this guy and in 2020 on the least the champion of the toy force is this tremendous human being real right here don't neglect the patreon relief us help the lights on relief us help .

Official wrestling legends working they were out of work now doubtlessly seven eight months there's nearly no wrestling events for them to appear on autograph signings are very tough to hunt down that's their livelihood they gave their our bodies they gave their lives to make authentic wrestling a .

Better articulate it's the associated price of a cup of coffee at starbucks at backslash boston wrestling you fetch early fetch admission to ad free fetch admission to you fetch the total studio shoot interview dvd library for ravishing a pair of dollars and let's help these wrestling .

Legends working it's principal and again you might maybe maybe maybe be ready to continually conclude the things free of price part the link deliver your mates we're having a high-quality time on these talk exhibits right here is real conversation real right here you focus on about shoot interviews and things fancy that right here is a discussion about existence hit the thumbs up subscribe to the channel it's free for .

My real fair correct friend mr flee i'm dan marotti we'll behold you subsequent wednesday night 10 p.m for wrestling insiders flee hour i actually fancy that wrestling followers the ninth annual pallbearer vacation headlocks toy force cyber fan fest explodes into christmas .

With interactive cyber autograph signings live interviews raffles merchandise and extra we were infected to lift you a wrestling tournament right here in boston but we now admire the potential to lift a cyber fan fester tremendous followers equivalent to you all the map in which via the enviornment unusual wwe nxt cruiserweight champion .

Leo flee kicked off the force with autographed photos and posters peaceable for sale on-line let's bustle down the checklist of remaining cyber autograph signings where you might maybe maybe maybe be ready to fetch an autographed photograph for yourself or conclude we give to a legitimate friend or a cherished one this vacation mail declare for your objects is also .

On hand on survivor sequence sunday november the 22nd mardi genetti will be with us live for a cyber autograph signing at some stage within the farewell to the undertaker you never know what to request with marty in studio live we're relief friday december the 4th with the ragged outmoded nation of domination member .

Savio vega aka quang making a uncommon appearance in boston things are going to fetch wicked on saturday december the Fifth when brian knobs and jerry zags the wicked boys be a part of us for the very first time a high-quality likelihood to fetch the outmoded wwe and wcw tag group champions signed sunday night .

December the sixth wwe corridor of famer mr u.s. tony atlas returns for a cyber christmas event at some stage in our nxt takeover look along tony will be signing autographs and might maybe maybe maybe well also also admire his art out there for purchase the following friday december the 11th one in all essentially the most highly efficient superstars in .

Wrestling history the warlord joins us live in studio discussing his wwf bustle starting up rep in 1988. saturday december the 12th the celebrity undefeated for 2 years within the wwf native american tatanka will be with us supporting the toy force then on sunday december the 13th it's a .

Double purpose of future star superstars as unusual ring of honor pure title tournament competitor wheeler yuda joins us in studio for the first time after competing right here in boston wrestling mwf along with the actual person visiting us for the first time in eight years .

The brand new impact wrestling world champion rich swann and it wouldn't be christmas with out used john cena senior with us live and in particular person as he's been working the telephones on the north pole again autographs and all-inclusive vip applications are on sale now at relief our .

Tradition of updating santa's gps to hunt down every child's home this year while creating smiles and honoring the unhurried tremendous pallbearer's memory from our family to yours elated holidays merry christmas
That is the care for wrestling match ever%sentence_ending

Lio Flee Shoots on Formative years, Breaking Into Wrestling, Psychological Health Struggles : Wrestling Insiders

Lio Rush Shoots on Youth, Breaking Into Wrestling, Mental Health Struggles : Wrestling Insiders