Lince Dorado Comments On WWE Release: ‘I Did My Best’

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Lince Dorado Comments On WWE Release: ‘I Did My Best’

lince dorado

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WWE released Lince Dorado, among many other names, on November 4, and the former Lucha House Party member commented on his departure the following day.

Dorado posted a video on his Instagram account and discussed the end of his WWE career. First, he stated that he’s in a “good state of mind” because he knows he did his best. He also explained how making to the company in the first place was a dream come true.

“I’m in a good state of mind,” said Dorado. “First of all, y’all know what’s up. Ya boy got released yesterday from WWE. It’s all good. I think if this would have happened a couple years ago, I would have been destroyed. But honestly, I’m in a good state of mind, and for all my people who actually know me, they know how strong-minded I am. And I seen this coming, not just recently but a few years back. And all I can say is, I did my best. I never mailed it in. I tried every day, I was there. I suggested things, I loved my job, I loved the people I worked with, I loved the crew who made me look like a superstar when I didn’t feel like a superstar.

“Never felt like a WWE Superstar, but that’s nobody’s problem. That’s nobody’s fault. I’m very grateful for the opportunity that I was given, that I made for myself. This was all a dream, guys. I should never have been here. But I told myself, the only person that matters, yo, this is where you belong. So in kindergarten and first grade, I told myself, I’m gonna be in WWE. Mission accomplished. Was it what I wanted? It’s not here or there. It don’t matter anymore. It don’t matter anymore. It’s on to the next adventure.”

He then discussed his passion for wrestling and thanked his friends, such as Ricochet and Cedric Alexander, before he praised the WWE roster as a whole by saying that he “loved everybody” there.

“I got a lot of friends still in WWE that I know that’s gonna kill it, so keep watching, okay, keep watching all the products,” said Dorado. “You already know that I watch all wrestling anyway. I’m a master of the game, student-teacher of the game. I just love it, I got a passion for it, and I will always have a passion for it. Anybody who knows me knows that I’m passionate about something, I’m always going to pursue it ‘til it’s finished or until I’m dead. Because that’s the only way I’m gonna stop.

“So first of all, I wanna thank all my boys, all my travel buddies, Reggie/Reginald, I want to thank my boys Ricochet, Cedric. I wanna thank Shelton [Benjamin], actually I wanna thank everybody, bro. I was cool with everybody, I loved everybody. Everybody was mad cool. Usos, Roman [Reigns], Big E, all the New Day, [Xavier] Woods, everybody was cool. Natty, TJ [Wilson], Nia [Jax], all the women, I got a chance to train with them, help train with them. I had a good time. Never a bad time in WWE because like I said, as soon as I made it, mission accomplished. I wanna thank all of them.”

Dorado went on to thank his wife, his kids and the rest of his family before he expressed his gratitude for himself because he chased his dream, against all odds, and made it a reality. He also shared a motivational message by encouraging everyone to believe in themselves and follow their dreams.

“Most importantly, I want to thank myself for believing in myself,” said Dorado. “The only motherf—– who believed in me, I’m looking at you. I’m looking at myself. And I’m telling myself, you f—— did it, dog. We did it, dog. We did it. I achieved my dream. I f—— did it. No one ever could take that away from me. Everybody else who got a dream, know that you can accomplish any f—— thing. Believe in yourself. That’s the only person that’s going to help you get where you want to go.

“So I want to thank myself, the baddest motherf—– I know, the craziest motherf—– I know. Willing to do everything and anything. Jump off a cage just to f—— make a name for himself. Put his family first. I did. Ain’t nobody can take that from me. I’m out. Y’all [will] see soon though.”

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