Length Of WWE’s Upcoming Residency At Yuengling Center Confirmed

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Length Of WWE’s Upcoming Residency At Yuengling Center Confirmed

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WWE is leaving Tropicana Field soon to begin their third residency for the award winning WWE ThunderDome. The next site has been confirmed to be the Yuengling Center which is just up the road at USF.

The residency will officially begin on April 1, allowing WWE to get everything setup and ready for when they begin airing Live TV from the site. The real question fans had was wondering how long WWE would be staying at this location. It has been revealed on Yuengling Center’s website that the residency is slated to last until Tuesday, August 3.

WWE has went on the record before saying that they had no intentions to begin touring in the first half of 2021. August 3 is obviously in the second half of 2021, so fans can now begin to speculate whether WWE may have plans to begin touring again after this residency. Sports Illustrated has reported that the plan is for WWE to remain inside the ThunderDome and consider whether or not it is going to be safe to resume any form of touring after that.

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