Leading Off: Greatest Number One Entrants In Royal Rumble History

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Leading Off: Greatest Number One Entrants In Royal Rumble History

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The Royal Rumble match is by far one of the most exciting stipulation matches in WWE history. The brainchild of Pat Patterson, the Rumble has been a part of WWE tradition since 1988. Bret Hart was the first-ever #1 entrant to the Royal Rumble and he was technically the Iron Man of the match as well, lasting 25 minutes (which is nothing by today’s standards).

Of course, it’s important to remember the context and that is that the Rumble didn’t really have much consequence until 1993. (or 92, since it was for the WWE Championship). Since then, it’s been as prestigious as ever, and fans are always on their feet during most of the match. Many superstars who have entered at number one have had career-defining performances, and these elite five had the most incredible number one entries in Royal Rumble history.

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#5.) ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin – 1999

Austin and Vince McMahon had been feuding for a while and McMahon went out of his way to make sure that Austin would struggle at the Rumble. Austin weasled his way as usual and managed to make McMahon the #2 entry. Though Austin did spend a good part of the time in the match outside after being assaulted, it was still a valiant effort.

Fans badly wanted to see The Texas Rattlesnake win, and he came very close to until The Rock helped Mr. McMahon win the whole match. It was a pivotal moment in the storyline and one of the many moments that helped draw record television ratings for WWE in the peak of the Attitude Era.

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