Latest Update: Scott D’Amore Fired as President of TNA Wrestling – Behind the Scenes Details Revealed

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TNA Wrestling announced today that Scott D’Amore is out as the TNA President. Anthony Cicione will be replacing him.

Pwinsider is reporting that D’Amore has been terminated by TNA’s parent company, Anthem Sports and Entertainment, with the belief that the decision came from Anthem owner Len Asper.

The report states, “TNA parent company Anthem Sports and Entertainment will be stepping in and taking a much larger role in the day to day management and strategies of the promotion. TNA will be folded into Anthem’s entertainment arm going forward, as opposed to existing in its own corner of the company. The idea is that this will allow TNA to become embraced more by Anthem and have a stronger synergy, in order to maximize what each side has to offer the other.”

TNA staff and wrestlers had a Zoom call this afternoon to discuss the matter. We hope to have more on that shortly.

In a surprising turn of events, TNA Wrestling has announced that Scott D’Amore is no longer the President of the company. Anthony Cicione will be taking over the position, according to an official statement released by TNA.

The news of D’Amore’s termination came from Anthem Sports and Entertainment, the parent company of TNA. It is believed that the decision to remove D’Amore from his role was made by Anthem owner Len Asper. This sudden change in leadership has left many fans and industry insiders wondering about the future direction of TNA.

According to a report by Pwinsider, Anthem Sports and Entertainment will now have a more hands-on approach in managing and strategizing for TNA. The company plans to integrate TNA into its entertainment arm, rather than allowing it to operate as a separate entity. The goal behind this move is to create a stronger synergy between TNA and Anthem, maximizing the potential benefits for both sides.

The decision to fold TNA into Anthem’s entertainment division is seen as a way to embrace the wrestling promotion more fully and tap into its potential. By bringing TNA closer to the heart of Anthem, the company hopes to unlock new opportunities and enhance the overall value of the brand.

Following the announcement, TNA staff and wrestlers held a Zoom call to discuss the situation. Details about the call have not been released yet, but it is expected that there will be further developments in the coming days.

Scott D’Amore’s departure as TNA President marks a significant shift in the company’s leadership. D’Amore has been an influential figure in TNA for several years and has played a crucial role in shaping its direction. His absence will undoubtedly be felt within the organization.

As Anthony Cicione takes on the role of TNA President, fans and industry insiders will be watching closely to see how he navigates this new position. Cicione will have the responsibility of leading TNA through this transitional period and ensuring that the company continues to thrive.

The future of TNA Wrestling is uncertain at this point, but with the increased involvement of Anthem Sports and Entertainment, there is hope for a brighter future. The integration of TNA into Anthem’s entertainment arm could lead to exciting collaborations and opportunities for growth.

Only time will tell how this change in leadership will impact TNA Wrestling. Fans will eagerly await further updates and announcements from the company as they navigate this new chapter.