Latest Update: Elias Allegedly Not Signed to a ‘Professional Contract’ in WWE – Additional Updates

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Elias is reportedly working without a “professional contract” with WWE.

A new report from the BWE Twitter account, which has broken stories in the past, states that Elias is no longer under a “professional contract” with WWE. With that being said, a follow-up was posted that stated, “So many understood this wrong. Not a professional contract means he can not participate. But he is still with E.”


Elias joined WWE back in 2014 and is a four-time WWE 24/7 Champion.

Last year, it was reported that Elias’ contract status with the company was up in the air. It was added that his latest deal had actually expired in 2022. Despite this, he made sporadic appearances in 2023.

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Elias Reportedly Working Without a Professional Contract with WWE

In recent news, it has been reported that Elias, the talented professional wrestler, is currently working without a “professional contract” with WWE. This revelation has sparked curiosity among fans and wrestling enthusiasts who are eager to know more about the situation.

According to a report from the BWE Twitter account, which has a track record of breaking stories in the past, Elias is no longer under a professional contract with WWE. However, it is important to note that this does not mean he is no longer associated with the company. The follow-up statement clarified that although Elias cannot participate without a professional contract, he is still with WWE.

Elias, whose real name is Jeffrey Sciullo, joined WWE back in 2014 and has since become a fan favorite. Known for his charismatic personality and musical talents, Elias has entertained audiences with his guitar-playing skills and unique in-ring performances. He has also achieved success in the WWE 24/7 Championship, winning the title four times.

Last year, there were reports about Elias’ contract status being uncertain. It was revealed that his previous deal had expired in 2022, but he continued to make sporadic appearances throughout 2023. This created speculation among fans about his future with the company.

While the details surrounding Elias’ current contract situation remain unclear, it is not uncommon for wrestlers to negotiate new deals or work on a per-appearance basis. Many factors can influence contract negotiations, including creative direction, financial considerations, and personal circumstances.

Elias’ unique character and entertaining performances have made him a beloved figure in the wrestling industry. Fans are hopeful that he will continue to be a part of WWE and showcase his talents in the ring.

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As the situation with Elias unfolds, fans eagerly await further updates on his contract status and future endeavors. Until then, they can continue to enjoy his past performances and support him in his wrestling journey.