Latest On Bray Wyatt No Longer Being Listed Internally On The Internal WWE Roster

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Earlier this week, it was reported that Bray Wyatt wasn’t “listed in any fashion internally on the WWE roster.” This comes after Wyatt disappeared from WWE television in March due to a reported illness. 

The Twitter account @WrestleVotes noted the following update: 


“Regarding the ‘roster rankings’ & Bray Wyatt’s name not listed, I was passed the internal groupings. Names that appeared alongside him in this ‘unassigned’ category that are still listed include Ciampa, Truth, Gable Steveson & Logan Paul. Bray Wyatt is still on payroll however.”

Dave Meltzer of noted that Alexa Bliss, who is expected to be with Wyatt when he returns to television, could be the “key” regarding Wyatt’s future with WWE.

“If Bliss comes back with no hints toward Wyatt then I’d say they’ve given up on Wyatt coming back any time soon. Bliss and Wyatt were supposed to be linked when Bliss returned.”

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