Last Year, Chris Jericho Engaged in Discussions with Will Ospreay Regarding Joining AEW

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Will Ospreay is AEW’s newest signing and the arrival of the Essex-born wrestler is something Chris Jericho has been wanting to see for quite some time.

Appearing on the post-AEW Full Gear media scrum, Jericho spoke about Ospreay signing with AEW and revealed that the pair spoke about signing last year. He said,


“I’m really happy about Will coming to AEW. I talked to him on the phone about it a year and a half ago, maybe. I think the London match we had was great, it was one of the best matches on the show, if not the best match. That’s what Will does. I think this is one of the greatest career years for a pro wrestler, either.”

Ospreay was introduced as AEW’s newest signing during Full Gear. In the days before the show, Tony Khan has teased that one of the best wrestlers in the world was coming.

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AEW (All Elite Wrestling) has recently made a big signing by bringing in British wrestler Will Ospreay. This news has been met with excitement from fans and fellow wrestlers, including Chris Jericho, who has been wanting to see Ospreay in AEW for quite some time.

During a post-AEW Full Gear media scrum, Jericho expressed his happiness about Ospreay joining the promotion. He revealed that he had spoken to Ospreay about signing with AEW a year and a half ago. Jericho also praised their previous match in London, calling it one of the best matches on the show. He believes that Ospreay’s arrival in AEW is a significant addition to the roster and considers this year to be one of the greatest career years for a professional wrestler.

Ospreay’s introduction as AEW’s newest signing took place during Full Gear, which was sold out and highly anticipated. Tony Khan, the president of AEW, had been teasing the arrival of one of the best wrestlers in the world before the event.

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The addition of Will Ospreay to AEW is a significant move that has generated excitement among fans and wrestlers alike. With his impressive skills and track record, Ospreay is expected to make a big impact in AEW and contribute to the promotion’s continued success.