Lash LeRoux Reveals His Wrestling Future, Duke Hudson/Chase U

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Duke Hudson has been working with Chase U on WWE NXT in recent months, which is something he’s been a big fan of.

Speaking to Mark Moses for a new interview, Hudson revealed that he’s been having a lot of fun with faction. He said,


“Joining Chase University has been an absolute blast. I think it was a very rocky start, rightfully so they didn’t trust me, I have one of those faces. But, I chose to believe that over the last twelve months under Chase, that I’ve earned his respect and gained his trust. I look forward to the future being beside this man.”

In other news, Lash LeRoux made his return to the ring at the event GCW ‘Say You Will’ event.

Speaking on a recent edition of Colt Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” podcast, the former WCW wrestler commented on his return to the ring, what his future in wrestling holds, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his return to the ring: “I would like to say it was a great match, I would like to say [sarcastic]…it was a great match. I enjoyed it so much. It exceeded my expectations. GCW was awesome. They are so welcoming. Everyone made me feel at home. It was weird to be away for that long, you walk back in, physically, I know I’m going to take some dings, but it felt like riding a bike.”

On his wrestling future: “We’ll see. Honestly, it all depends on the promoters and the fans, that’s what drives our business. I feel great about it. I felt I exceeded my own expectations for what kind of match I could have had and now, if there’s a lot of demand and a lot of interest from the fans and promoters, maybe we’ll see more of Lash. If not, I’ll shadow box those tights and say ‘thank you for the swan song.’”

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