Lance Storm Tired Of The ‘Supernatural Unrealistic’ In Wrestling

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Lance Storm Tired Of The ‘Supernatural Unrealistic’ In Wrestling

Lance Storm

Lance Storm admits that he is rigid, yet passionate about how he likes his pro wrestling product. The veteran of the ring expressed his frustrations of having to suspend his disbelief a little too much as of recent when it comes to watching certain angles in WWE, AEW or IMPACT Wrestling.

Storm was on Wrestling Observer Live this week and Lance mentioned that he couldn’t finish watching WWE Raw after seeing a certain segment with Randy Orton.

“I didn’t get through the show to be perfectly honest. I mentioned it before, I guess it when I was looking at the Abadon/Shida match that I said I don’t want any more zombies. I’m tired of the supernatural unrealistic, you have to suspend your disbelief to another dimension stuff and the Randy Orton promo with the mask being all burnt I thought was pushing my level of suspension of disbelief, but when it got to her sitting on the playground and stuff I’m like, ‘I can’t take this.’ And it’s, again, it’s not just WWE, it’s IMPACT did the ‘dark realm’ and the ‘murder mystery’ and AEW is doing the Abadon thing and WWE has done all kinds of theme-related things and again, maybe it’s working for some people that they’re having to branch in a new direction for the pandemic, but it’s just not something that I like in wrestling and I can’t get around…

“I think the thing for me, that really did it for the Alexa segment was at some level, I still on some level want this to be a wrestling show, or shit, even just a TV show based in reality, and I just can’t help but think that if I was the owner, the director, the guy in charge of the Monday night television show and this woman shot a fireball at a dude’s face and burned him up, I wouldn’t go to commercial break and send the people out to set up her playground set. It’s too much for me and it takes me out of the show completely and I struggle with it and again, if it’s pulling ratings more power to them.

Storm, a former WWE producer in his own right, questioned how he would have handled this segment being presented to him backstage.

“As a producer when I was there, you generally get the show ahead of time and you’re to give feedback, critique it and so forth. If there’s something they miss speak up and give feedback so they can take all of that and make the show better.

“Again, I have a very rigid view of what I think works and what is good wrestling. So there was often segments that wouldn’t fit with my mentality and there was times where I would, rather than critique it because I didn’t just want to be too negative it’s like, I’d be like, ‘Well, what about this instead?’ And rewrite the entire segment. It’s like ‘Hey, just as alternative.’ And I wonder what I would do with these.

Storm cites his experience as producer one time during a Goldberg segment, and knowing Goldberg both professionally and personally since their WCW days, Lance took the time to make his case as to way “Da Man” wouldn’t look away from his adversary.

“I wrote an entire page-essay on why Bill Goldberg should not take his eyes off his opponent and look at a WrestleMania sign and that’s the kind of, I’d like to say passion or strong beliefs in what I think is right and things like when I watch the show, I wonder…”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

You can check out the complete clip featuring Storm below:

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