Lance Storm Has A Pact With Chris Jericho To Have Their Last Match Together

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Lance Storm Has A Pact With Chris Jericho To Have Their Last Match Together

Lance Storm recently spoke to Fightful about a wide-ranging variety of topics, including Chris Jericho – who recently celebrated his 30th anniversary in the wrestling world – and a pact that the duo made together.

While Storm himself hasn’t wrestled in nearly four years, the former superstar does have an idea for what could happen should he return to the ring. According to Storm, both he and Jericho have agreed to have their last matches against one another.

“It was either ’16 or ’15. Wherever Mania in Dallas was the last time. It was a WrestleCon match against Matt Hardy, was technically my last match as of now,” said Storm. “We still, Chris Jericho and I sort of have an unofficial pact that we will have our last match ever together. Because we had our first match ever together and we’re still really good friends, so provided he doesn’t keep wrestling for another twenty-five years, there is the probability, or at least possibility, that he and I will have our last one and we will do our debut and our joint retirement match together. So, there’s still the possibility of that one some day.”

Whether or not Jericho will honor that agreement or even if Storm intends to return to the ring is unknown. However, should he return, one final match against Jericho would be pretty big, and would no doubt garner a ton of attention from both fans and media alike. For now, though, we’ll have to wait and see if Storm ever plans on making his return to the wrestling world.

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