Lance Archer: My First Year With AEW Has Been ‘Beyond Special,’ I’d Like To Form A Faction With Bear Country

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Lance Archer: My First Year With AEW Has Been ‘Beyond Special,’ I’d Like To Form A Faction With Bear Country

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Lance Archer continues to thrive in All Elite Wrestling. Though he hasn’t won a title in the promotion yet, he has consistently been featured at the top of the championship scene.

During a recent appearance on AEW Unrestricted, Archer looked back on his first year with the company and expressed his appreciation for the opportunities he has received. He noted how he has already had three major title matches, without even counting his IWGP United States Championship match against Jon Moxley.

“The opportunities that AEW has provided me has been above and beyond I think really anything that I could have expected,” said Archer. “Even though I haven’t been successful, to be in three title matches within a year has been beyond special. To be in the initial TNT Championship match with Cody [Rhodes], to fight on the anniversary show with Moxley for the AEW Championship, to just most recently fighting against Miro on Double or Nothing in front of our first sold-out crowd was amazing.

“I mean all these moments are amazing, but I do have to go back to the Rey Fenix moment because I think it was, a little backstory on that, that match wasn’t even supposed to happen the way it was happening.”

Archer described how the match was initially supposed to be a tag team contest, but Tony Khan called him at 2 o’clock in the morning because he wanted to change it to a singles bout. Looking back on it, Archer noted how he was pleased with the way the match turned out.

“So that was kind of a cool, neat experience to be laying in bed, not expecting a phone call like that, get it and the next day be doing the match, and for it to turn out as amazing as it did, I think that has to be right now probably my most special match in AEW,” said Archer.

Looking forward, Archer pitched a potential stable in which he would team up with Bear Country and Abadon. He explained how this group could be a fun combination of “beastly dudes” and Abadon’s distinct presence.

“One I’ve actually been thinking about recently, and I think it would be a fun fit, is a couple of our guys, Bear Countr,” said Archer. “I think it’d be a fun, interesting [pairing.] You have Bear Country, you have ‘The Murderhawk Monster’ and Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, talk about the animal kingdom, ‘Monster Militia’, whatever you’d wanna call us. A large group of just beastly dudes going out there and whooping some ass, I think it’d be kind of a fun faction for those guys.

“I mean you could throw in somebody like Abadon to kinda crawl in underneath us when we’re standing on the stage and things like that. I think the visual of that just by itself would be a fun thing for the All Elite Wrestling fanbase.”

Archer will challenge Moxley for his title Wednesday night on AEW Dynamite: Fyter Fest Night Two.

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