Lana: I Push The Envelope In Every Storyline I’m In

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Lana: I Push The Envelope In Every Storyline I’m In


Photo by Mary Clavering/Young Hollywood/Getty Images

When Lana returned to WWE in the Fall of 2019 and engaged in a storyline with her now on-screen husband, Bobby Lashley, the angle that followed proceeded to push boundaries not touched by WWE in over a decade.

Speaking with Sportskeeda, Lana opened up about how she felt pushing these boundaries, whether she thought it was a return to WWE’s heralded Attitude Era, and why she thinks the storyline connected with fans.

“I think I push the envelope in everything I do, in all the storyline I’ve been in, in WWE,” she began. “I feel like I’m very lucky to do some form of soap opera story. I just feel like soap opera stories, in general, are very relatable and everyone can connect to heartache. Everyone can connect with either being cheated on or know someone that’s cheating or know someone that has lied in a relationship or know someone that’s gotten a divorce. Most people have broken up once in their life, at least. I just think that all those stories are relatable and people understand that. And people connect with it. Not everyone understands and connects with winning a championship or winning a title, or being the most athletic person or being genetically superior.”

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Lana continued, “Like, I don’t relate to being genetically superior. I’ve had to work my a** off to get anything in my life. And I know there are a lot of people like that. But most people have experienced heartache or betrayal or breakups at some point, so I think those stories are very compelling. I’ve been very blessed to be in stories like that, that have to do with issues of the heart. And those are the stories I like the most on television if it’s anything from Game of Thrones or Scandal or Grey’s Anatomy. If you take something like Game of Thrones, within the war, within them fighting for their land, they still have the extra element of relationship drama within the drama, and those are my favorite stories on television. So, I’m always very excited to be on those stories on television, on WWE programming.”

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