Lana Claims That Her Wedding Will Be The Most ‘Ravishing’ In WWE History

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Lana Claims That Her Wedding Will Be The Most ‘Ravishing’ In WWE History

Photo credit: Jamy / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Speaking with Scott Fishman of TV Insider, Lana tells all about tonight’s wedding ceremony. Lana will be spending the last RAW of 2019 together with her husband-to-be Bobby Lashley, and we can presume that Rusev isn’t invited. Even though the two are still together in real life, the WWE performer will have none of that talk.

We’re talking about love. We’re talking about something so much more than just the storyline. I always roll my eyes when I hear, “This storyline.” You guys have no idea. People think they know, but in actuality nobody knows really what is going on. I can tell you this that today is going to be the most historic, sensational, most phenomenal wedding in not only WWE history but in the history books.

When asked about what will set her wedding apart from the many WWE fans have seen throughout the years, Lana had a simple answer. “A 100 percent it will be the most ravishing one of all-time. That’s a given. I’m excited about my dress. It came from Italy and an Italian designer. I’ve been very involved with creating the wedding, especially my dress, the cake and everything that went into it.”

Lana also mentioned the “polarizing” reaction she’s gotten from the WWE audience, and she states that she’s surprised how many of them are bullies. “People don’t have to agree with my decisions in life. That’s fine, but if they don’t agree with me that doesn’t give them the right to come on my Instagram and call me a whore or a slut. I’ve been called a prostitute on there. What are you even talking about, really? That I’m ugly, fat, the worst human. Cyber-bullying is incredible.”

Lana and Lashley will tie the knot live on RAW tonight. I’m sure it will go exactly as planned.

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