Lacey Evans Explains How You Can Avoid Being A ‘Nasty’, If She’s Going To Watch War Games

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Lacey Evans Explains How You Can Avoid Being A ‘Nasty’, If She’s Going To Watch War Games

Lacey Evans says the chances of it happening are slim to none, but she ends up sharing some advice about how you can try and avoid being a ‘nasty’ in her eyes.

Evans spoke with Wrestlezone and 101WKQX‘s Kevin Kellam while doing a media appearance in Chicago to promote WWE’s Survivor Series weekend lineup. Evans was asked about her habit of calling people a “nasty” and how one might avoid being stuck with that label.

“The only way that were possible is if they were me. Obviously that’s not going to happen. The best way I could give anybody guidance on how not to be a nasty is the way that you live your life. People have the tendency to be lazy, to make excuses, to not take accountability of their actions,” Evans said, “rather it’s health, rather it’s fitness, their goals, their motivation, their drive. I don’t feel sorry for anybody. I don’t feel sorry for their excuses. This is what the world is—‘oh, if I don’t get an opportunity’… Like you said, when we started this interview and you said there are a lot of people saying I jumped the line—stop complaining!

“Life is too short and everybody wants to complain about everything. They don’t want to dress the part, they don’t want to show up with the confidence to be a champion like a Lacey Evans—the confidence needed to be on RAW, to be on SmackDown, to jump the lines to get where I am today because of what I’ve been through and what I’ve done. So, stop being such nasty things,” Evans said, “stop complaining, take accountability, work hard and try your best to be a look like me, which the chances of that happening are slim to none. That is a nasty thing.”

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Evans will be part of Team SmackDown on Sunday night on Survivor Series in a traditional elimination match, but the other big matches this weekend feature the War Games stipulation on NXT TakeOver. Evans was asked if she’d be paying close attention to the Women’s War Games match given how much of a spotlight they have now. The “Sassy Southern Belle” says she doesn’t scout the NXT women as much as you’d think, but she is going to be keeping an eye on them this weekend.

“They have a lot of big shoes to fill, that motivates me because it shows me what a lot of us are going through to become successful.” Evans said. “While no, I don’t study these women to try and figure out a way to beat them—because I beat them every morning that I wake up—I will keep my eyes on that particular match at War Games because they’re hungry. I like to watch hungry people eat.”

Check out the full interview below: