Lacey Evans Discusses 2020 Goals & The Importance Of Tribute To The Troops

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Lacey Evans Discusses 2020 Goals & The Importance Of Tribute To The Troops

lacey evans

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Lacey Evans made waves during 2019 and is looking to achieve even more in 2020. She spoke to CBS about her career to this point, her goals next year, and what Tribute to the Troops means to her.

Check out some highlights below:

Her goals in 2020:

Probably to become champ and get more opportunities to use my platform to show people what you’re capable of, no matter how hard your life is. I know sometimes things hurt really bad and I know there are a lot of bad things that are happening, and you feel so down and out on yourself. But trust me when I tell you, coming from where I come from and what I’ve been through, you are capable of anything. If I have to become a champion to tell the world that they are capable of anything, as long as they continue to fight, make a plan, and push forward, then that’s what I want to do. That is my goal.

On the importance of Tribute to the Troops:

It’s very important. Our military members, they give, like I said… there’s long days. When I was active duty, we started at 0330 in the morning. We didn’t go to bed until late that night… Whether they’re deployed or not, even active duty non-deployment, they’re working their tail off. Their jobs are tough, and their families go through a lot. So Tribute To The Troops, when we get an opportunity to all get in there and while they’re boots on the ground, dressed in cammies, ready to rock, and they get to take time out of their day to watch us perform live, it’s just something to the troops to let them see that they’re important. What they do is important to us, and we are letting them relax and just enjoy the entertainment that WWE brings and tell them thank you. It’s an entire day of giving back to them and making them feel special and making them realize that what they’re doing for us is just, we can’t repay them.

On her daughter’s understanding of wrestling:

Don’t get it twisted. When I come home, I pick her up, and I love on her. And she gets everything that she needs, because she’s my baby. But I make sure to instill that same discipline, that same grit, to make sure she knows what she’s capable of, and just lead that strong little girl so my daughter is confident and strong and hard-working. But she’s completely aware when Lacey has her on-TV moments, my baby is aware and she knows the difference very well.

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