Kylie Rae On IMPACT Wrestling’s Knockouts Division, Returning To The Ring

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Kylie Rae On IMPACT Wrestling’s Knockouts Division, Returning To The Ring

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Kylie Rae recently spoke with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful and discussed several topics, including her time with IMPACT Wrestling and her brief break from the business. Here are some highlights:

On returning to wrestling:

Rae: “Selfishly, I was very excited to get back in the ring, but I had to take a step back and, you know, just think about everybody else and, just to kind of put things in perspective, like how many people we come in contact with every day, and then think about how many people we’d be in training with and, you know, how many people see their parents and their grandparents or children or any people who have a weaker immune system. So once that was kind of put in perspective, it was a lot easier to be like okay, yeah, we should not be training right now, obviously.”

On the Knockouts division in IMPACT Wrestling:

Rae: “The depth within the division is ridiculous, like every person in the division brings something to the table, and everything is just a little bit different, you know, so that’s the cool part about it is, we’re able to play off each other and everyone has a little bit something different like character-wise or even moveset-wise, and it’s fun, and it’s been a blast there since the day I walked in. It’s just, you can’t ask for a more supportive group of people.”

[The locker room] has been wonderful. I can’t say enough things about it, especially because I knew the majority of these women prior to IMPACT, so I met most of them. On the indies, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with most of them and I loved all of our matches, they’ve been amazing. I can’t complain, I can’t say enough things about it, and every time we’re there, it’s just fun. It’s not a pain to be there. We get there, and we’re all working for each other and getting along, and it it’s just the camaraderie and yeah it’s been wonderful. ”

On taking a break from wrestling and coming back:

Rae: “This past year was one kid the hardest, no, it was hands down, the hardest time in my life, and that match [with her boyfriend,] it kind of brought me back and helped me realize how fortunate I am, and just from the match but the amount of support that I got. Like coming back and seeing everyone at the show and talking with everyone because I missed a lot of people. I was away for, it was a few months, and it was hard. It wasn’t intentional at all. I hated every second of it, so I never wanted the fans to think like I let them down, and it was very scary to come back because I didn’t know if they thought I…like, I felt I let them down. I felt a sense of guilt, like I, you know they had so much support in me and stock and built me up, and I was like their girl, and I wanted to be their girl, and I wanted to fight for them. And yeah, it was just, it was sad, but then once that match happened, it felt like it was right.”

The full interview is available here:

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