Kyle O’Reilly On His Chance At NXT Glory, Continuing In Singles Competition

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Kyle O’Reilly On His Chance At NXT Glory, Continuing In Singles Competition

kyle o'reilly Kyle O'Reilly

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

One week ago, Jey Uso stepped out of the tag team scene for a main event title clash with his cousin Roman. This weekend, Kyle O’Reilly will do the same against current NXT Champion Finn Balor, but he hopes the result isn’t the same.

Speaking with the New York Post, current NXT Championship #1 Contender Kyle O’Reilly shared some thoughts on what it’s taken to get to the main event and where he sees his future going in NXT past TakeOver.

Finn Balor has not been in the ring with Kyle O’Reilly often, especially in a huge singles contest such as this one. Kyle states that the matchup will be “a huge test” against someone that he’s a fan of.

A lot of what I do in this industry and in my career, it is a personal test, it’s about personal growth. I plan on beating Finn as efficiently as possible, but I know just being able to hang with Finn is something that I’ll be able to hang my hat on and be proud of that I was able to do.

In what may be bad news for his Undisputed Era cohorts, O’Reilly doesn’t see himself going back to being purely a tag team guy following this main event, even if he doesn’t end up as the victor.

I hope this is not a one-off. I hope I’m walking away as the NXT champion. You know things happen. That may not be the case this weekend. But yeah, I certainly hope to continue to have some more singles opportunities. There are a lot of interesting matchups in NXT I’d really like to have from a singles standpoint.

However, fans of the Undisputed Era don’t need to worry, as O’Reilly sees his group in the same league as The New Day. They’re a group of real friends who aren’t going to have an ugly breakup even if they drift apart in WWE.

I think that’s what’s gonna be different about the Undisputed Era is that this is for real. It’s not just four guys that were tossed together. These four dudes who are legitimately super tight and have each other’s back through thick and thin. So I don’t think … man, I don’t think that’s gonna happen here. I honestly don’t.

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