Kurt Angle: Vince McMahon Was Responsible For Shocking Booker T Feud

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The controversial 2005 feud between Booker T and Kurt Angle was all down to Vince McMahon, according to the Olympian.

That year, Angle became obsessed with Booker’s wife Sharmell, and desired to have “beastiality sex” with the 1991 Miss Black America.


The storyline spawned criticisms for its use of themes of sexual assault, while many found the term ‘beastality’ when discussing sex with Sharmell to have racist undertones.

During his “Kurt Angle Show” podcast, the Olympian discussed the feud and revealed McMahon as the mastermind behind the program. He said,

“I have so much respect for Booker T and Sharmell. I love them dearly, and to have to do this program was completely brutal for me. If I were Booker I would’ve beat my ass.

“That was Vince. When Vince has his mind on something, he sees it through to the end.

“It wasn’t just us that were uncomfortable, everyone was uncomfortable! Everybody was stunned about this angle.”

Angle also revealed that he and Booker have never even spoken about the program despite spending plenty of time with each other in the years since.

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