Kurt Angle Thinks Former Star Lacked Confidence To Make It In WWE

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Kurt Angle gave his thoughts on various topics on the latest episode of his Kurt Angle Show. 

During it, the WWE Hall Of Famer gave his thoughts about former WWE star Shawn Stasiak, who worked for the company from 1998-2000 and then again from 2001-2002. He had a stint with WCW in between his WWE runs. 


Angle shared his take on why it didn’t work out for Stasiak. 

“Shawn — very talented,” Angle said. “He was one of the most talented wrestlers in that camp. He had all the tools, man. He had the look, the promo, and the wrestling. Sadly, he didn’t have the confidence. That really crushed him. If he had more confidence, he’d have been a huge star in WWE.”

“I hate to say this, but I have to let the cat out of the bag,” Angle began. “Shawn was losing his hair, just as I was. He decided to get a hair replacement and it was a week before he was called up [for his first WWE stint in 1998]. He called WWE and says, ‘I can’t get called up now. I’m getting my hair done.’ 

“That was part of the reason why Shawn was painted in the corner, as someone who was not a team player. WWE was like, ‘We want you to debut right now.’ And he made them wait for like two months. I wonder if that incident affected his [career] a little bit.”

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